Painting a Journey

Welcome to Portfolio of Nim’s Paintings…  and Thank you for dropping By…

As a child, I used to tell myself, I was not good at painting, and writing .. As an adult, I have found a lot of passion in writing, and a lot of comfort in painting.

Hopefully, you will enjoy my meditative expressions, and my journey with colours.

Playing with Colours – A low risk first attempt

A random adventure at a random discount store…

Oh, a paining set. A set of differently sized canvases…

Oh starter set of acrylic paint.

Maybe I should give this a go.

2. A Desert Rose

First Painting – Desert Rose

I couldn’t sleep all night. Apparently my sister couldn’t sleep either. I had a psychiatrist appointment, and she had asked me to bring my sister (to get more information). Our previous experience in a similar situation, was probably traumatic for my sister.

This painting was born as a result of my attempt to calm my mind chatter, to be able to face the psychiatrist and be able to honestly, and calmly answer her questions.

A Bollywood Chick-Flick

Yet another day, I had decided to give painting a go. I had decided to watch a Bollywood Movie, but while I had the movie in the background, I ended up painting. I quite like this one.. Love the shades of purple.

4. It’s getting a little hot in here

Turning me on – It’s getting a little hot in here

There is something about this male pose that makes my knees go a bit weak. I used to admire my first lover resting like this. I guess, when he was laying down like that, he made me feel safe. Now of course this picture can retrieve a lot of different experiences, hence its significantly more attractive.

This was my attempt to draw this picture of a hairy sexy dude that popped up in my Tumblr feed… Thank God, the dude doesn’t know it…  This painting definitely don’t look anything like him. LOL!!

Being has no story

This has no background story. But, I’m sure I had been naughty the night before. LOL!!

I thought I saw Jesus

A painting I did, it was painted up-side down. I was a little confused with colours I’ve used, and although the journey was good, I didn’t really like the painting. So I decided to turn-it up-side down, and looked at it differently.

I’m sure I saw a human face, closer to the mind object labeled “Jesus” …

Painted Stones – Ego painted as Love

One of my friends gifted me a stone painting set for Christmas. The instructions were to draw mandalas. That was really difficult, and I did it my way. I had no idea what I was doing, but I love the outcome.

The connection and beauty in separation – First Oil Paint

Having built my confidence using acrylic paint, about a year before this painting, I had bought oil paint. As the trial attempt, similar to my acrylic painting journey, I tried painting on a small canvas. It looked HORRIBLE!!! And I couldn’t understand how to properly use oil paint. This was my second attempt. Although I like this, I feel I need to learn fundamentals of oil painting. I still struggle to blend oil paint from one colour to another. Of course to handle that I put some boundaries.

9. Am I Flower Enough to be a Flower?

Am I Flower Enough to be a Flower?

I learnt so much while painting this. Please checkout my blog post for a glimpse of Flower’s “I’m not good enough” story.

10. An Expression of ……. A pencil sketch

An expression of …. A pencil sketch

I had been telling myself, I can’t do figures, so I wanted to try with an easier method, than acrylic paint… This was a sketch done using my colour pencils.

11. A Gift from God – Who are we?

Energy to Matter, Matter to Energy

Just felt like another sketch on the same day… A fleeting moment, a fleeting existence… Nothing more… Nothing less. Frequency of universe, and unique human aligns.

12. Meditation with Dr. Joe Dispenza

A morning that I felt like mind chatter was a little too much. I didn’t feel if I take onboard additional analytical tasks, it would benefit my mental health. So decided to take a sick day off work. These art were expressions of energy that came out while listening to a guided meditation by Dr. Joe Dispenza

Continuation from above painting – After meditation / resting my mind listening to Dr. Joe Dispenza, and sleeping for a few hours, I decided to paint a flower.

14. Only Another Expression

Letting go


Letting colouor

Pleaser’s Mess