A Sketching Journey

As a young kid, I liked trying to draw girls and females. My attempt of sketching a female face more often than not ended up me drawing my cousin’s school day best friend, Rashmi. I always thought she was very beautiful. So I drew her (and probably made her ugly in the process!!! Lol. When I wanted to draw female figure,more often than not it was a wife of a farmer (ගෙවිලිය).

In the process of “growing up” I had not only forgotten that I used to give sketching a go, I ended up telling myself “I cannot sketch”….

This page is an appriciation of myself, for not giving up.

A Girl, A Boy, Or Maybe Gender Fluid

A sketch of a human being expressing gender fluidity.

The Beauty in Vulnerable Resting Masculine Energy

The Beauty in Vulnerable Resting Masculine Energy

A Sexual Expression Between Two Males

Most men who are sexually attracted to men, at some point felt disgusted and ashamed about their attraction in mind, and action in body, mind, or speech. Although I personally am attracted to males, and have had my share of sexual expression with men, I used to feel very  Unomfortable watching a homosexual sexual reference in a movie, if I’m sitting with heterosexual group. I told myself it doesn’t look normal.

But, I would like to say, me and other men who have “normal” levels of male hormones and sexual appetite, know what their body does and says when our bodies have sexual desire as a need, and know what the body feels when touched. And when we offer and share our body with another male, we not only serve our own sexual appetite, since we have inside information about male body,, the sharing of body is more often than not appreciated.

I have been told once by a Bi-Sexual guy who I date about 5 years ago

Its easier to have a gay relationship. Even when we fight, we can still have sex … With a girl, it’s so difficult.

A Sexual Expression Between Two Males
A Sexual Expression Between Two Males

A Beautiful Male Face

It’s not someone I personally know, and I wasn’t thinking of anyone specific. But I felt like it’s a real person that exists somewhere.

Who knows…. Maybe one day I’ll meet him.

A Beautiful Male Face
A Beautiful Male Face

And some random Sketches

Lovers.. loving, caring, and supporting

More Sexy Poses of Men

A dude I saw in my dreams the other day (Wasn’t intending to sketch him, but it turned out like that)

A Lone Elephant (in heat)

AFL 2020 – Richmond Tigers Supporting Sketching

Collection at a glance


River of Dreams

Eternal Life

– Nim –