My gratitude to Australian Medical System and Emergency Services

So here I was about to fall asleep on a Wednesday night. I had taken a hot shower while listening to some spiritual music, and got myself to slowly wind down. I was quite content with myself, my work, and how I have spent my day. I might have fallen asleep and slept well, as all I remember was suddenly waking up at 5am looking outside the window and noticing its still dark.

When I tried to turn to the other side, a shooting pain in the back got me by surprise. I stretched myself hoping it’ll go away. In the next half an hour, I found myself in the corridor between the the toilet and my room calling my mum saying:

Mum, I think I put my back out again. I can’t walk.

Thankfully, my mother is with me these days. She got “stuck” here in Australia since February 2020 due to COVID. This “stuck” was a blessing for both of us. She usually live by herself in Sri Lanka and I usually live by myself in Australia.

I was unsure what to do next. I was reluctant to call 000 as it wasn’t an emergency in my view. But three hours later the pain had worsened and I decided to call emergency.

From that point onwards, I can’t begin to explain the gratitude I felt for the system we have.

The emergency paramedic whose name was Ollie who knew I was embarrassed to call them comforted me saying I have done the right thing.

I told Ollie:

Mate, I did think an Ambulance in front of my house early this morning would be a little too dramatic for my situation, but I didn’t know what else to do.

He joked with me about the drama I would have caused and gave me two numbers to call in any future episode where I feel it’s not life threatening.

Nurse on call
Home Doctor Service

But, he recommended to speak to an Emergency Doctor since I have already gotten through to them.

The doctor was so kind. He got my entire diagnosis and medical history. He advised that although it appears to be muscular or sciatica, based on some of the information I had given it would be better to get to the emergency and have a check-up. He mentioned that he will book a CAB for me.

I got a confirmation of my session with the ED, and Cab booking. The cab took me to Royal Melbourne Hospital. He offered to go in and get me a wheelchair for which I said “No” to. It was when i offered to pay i realised that everything was paid for by the medical system. I also knew he was watching me until i got into the Emergency Department.

The reception to triaging to emergency doctor’s session to being discharged with details was a breeze. Not only I was treated kindly and with respect, I over heard many others while waiting for blood reports to come through.

– One was taken into a minor surgery.

– One was kept under observation.

– One was sent to get an x-ray

– And a few others came in and out, but my gossip radar failed… Lol

I am now home and resting. It was nothing serious, and just muscular. But I felt the need to write to thank the medical team in Australia.

Kindness is key for a medical professional, and I truely believe our medical staff has mastered it.

– Nim

(Nimeshe Dilraj Madanayake)

Royal Melbourne Hospital ED Triage
Patient Identifiable Band (With QR Code)
Assessment Area for those who don’t need a bed (recliner chair)
A copy of my after visit summery
A copy of my after visit summery

The CAB booking done by 000

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