Oh what a spiral of thoughts in my head! I’d just shut up and go to bed!

Isn’t it such a wonderful feeling one feels when another truly appreciate their offering of themselves?

When my nephew loved the Tuna Pasta I made, or when my friend’s daughter had eaten two burgers when he had homemade the burgher patties himself, or even when the temperature checker at the door of our office says “authenticated”!!!

The sound of me doing something right!

Or is it the sound of someone else appreciate my efforts?

Yet again, it could be the sound of someone appreciate what they have and feel fulfilled, for which I have contributed!!!


It also could be the sound of:

“Oh! I haven’t f***ed up! (Sigh in Relief)”

Is it wrong to like that feeling?

But wouldn’t liking it create emotional attachment, which often leads to hurt in the absence of the attachment?

Then, should we dislike emotional attachment, because we don’t like hurt?

Isn’t that aversion?

Hang on, shouldn’t we dislike aversion?

But then that’s aversion squared!

Oh what a spiral of thoughts in my head! I’d just shut up and go to bed!

“But there is definitely something there!”

– Nimeshe –

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