Sorry – An apology for mistakes I’ve made in my words

Words, merely a tool to communicate our opinion,  emotion, experience, or some random garbage wrapped as our story. But, they can do a lot of damage.

Whether we attack someone, or complain naming and shaming publicly about someone else’s attack toward us, which in turn is yet another attack, words can also be used in very harmful ways. Harmful for others, or self, someone is emotionally harmed, and the audience spilts into groups based on the sides they pick, or not siding at all.

My early days of blogging journey, I have related “my story”, and I have used names and references, to explain the severity of my emotions. And such weapon use can only mean year’s of pent up anger, hate, and frustration. But, since then, I also have felt, I’m being named and shamed publicly. So, not only I understand the pain it feels to be in the receiving end, I feel somewhat ashamed of hurting someone like that.

As much as I must accept ignorance, the cause of any mistake, forgive others for theirs, and forgive myself for mine, I must admit seeking forgiveness upon repentance can also start a healing journey.

So here is my apology to all those I hurt in my words, and for those I named and shamed publicly. And my promise, that I will try my best never to do that to someone again.

– Nimeshe –

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