Christmas and Being Poor

Christmas and Being Poor - Blog Cover Page

Jesus Christ…. I believe Jesus Christ was like a Buddha of the West. I believe he was a handsome man with an equally handsome heart, who advocated us to be grateful for what we have, and to love our neighbor.

Now who is our neighbor?

Anyone who is around us at any given moment in time, anyone who have been around us at any given moment in time, and anyone who may be around us at any given moment in time. Now in modern digital age, our neighbor can be living thousands of miles away in a land far far away.

Christmas these days has not much reflection of the man we celebrate!

It has become about gifts. Gifts for our friends who already have, gifts for our family who already have, and gifts for self who already have. Is this wrong? I cannot say it’s wrong. Why? All children, and our the inner children we have as grown-ups, LOVES to give and receive gifts. Everyone loves freebies.

But having spent a couple of Christmases being poor, I know the other side of the equation very well.

What is being poor?

In modern day it could be finances, it could be health, it could be loved ones around you, or it could be love for self. And these are also bound to each other like dominos, when one goes down, the rest also go down, often. And the downward spiral is steep and fast.

The question to you and for myself this Christmas is:

This Christmas, have you considered about Jesus Christ and his message? Have you checked if your “neighbor” is doing ok? Have you invited someone who doesn’t have family or friends over for Christmas? Have you tried to consider revisiting a judgment you have formed on a certain social segment or religious segment? Have you given thanks for everything God’s gifted us? Have you considered the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost?

If not, why are we celebrating Christmas?

I don’t want to bag Boxing day sales, or the plethora of advertisements that tries to tell us Christmas is filled with family, friends, booz, food, love, and fun. But I know there are so many who suffer. I have been one of them.

If we have on average 8 suicides a day in Australia, because they felt “too poor to be living”, do you think you can save a life this Christmas?

Lot of love

– Nim-

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