A 30 day mental health routine – 5 Reasons to Love Myself – A blog that grows with time


Based on some advise given by a fellow human being that I met through a Facebook group, to boost my self love, I have started doing a daily mental health routine to write down 5 reasons to love myself.


  • This blog post will continue to grow over time. Each day adding a new picture. The blog post will only be completed once 30 days have passed.
  • This may or may not have revealing photos of myself, but if I’m to get anywhere with my body issues, I need to be grateful for my naked body. Please consider them (if they ever get published) as mental health therapy than sexual expression or rude. (Although I personally do not judge sexual expression and public showing off, I do understand there are social rules around it)

Day 1 / 30 – 5 Reasons to Love Myself

Day 2 / 30 – 5 Reasons to Love Myself

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