Let me introduce you to amazing grace


As some of my followers may know, since about a couple of weeks ago, I’ve joined and actively participate in a Facebook group called Pride Tribe.

So, here I was earlier this week, thinking:

I should meet some people from the group.

So I posted in the group:

Thomas Banks, was the first to respond.

This is my story about meeting Thomas Banks, and how he taught me gratefulness, and love.

Before the meeting

We started to chat over Facebook messenger. After trying to organise a place to meet, and talk about each other’s whereabouts, he declared:

Do you think I sound like a hero here?

No I was not. My first instinct was to respect this man who took the time to disclose an aspect of himself. This is in my world, getting naked. He is showing himself to me.

I got shit scared. This is my job usually. I’m the one who usually shows myself to others. But, now someone was doing it to me. I was scared, I’d do something stupid!

You know, just the same stupid I do when someone speaks to me, or when I’m attracted to someone, or when someone says something and I’m caught off guard. Nothing special.

So I decided to declare:

So, I took the time to read a little about Cerebral Palsy, then called my life coach, Louise Kennedy. I told her about the guy I’m meeting. I decided to be open to her about my fear. I let her know,

Louise, I want to meet Thomas Banks the human being, not the label he carries, which is only an aspect of him. I don’t want to meet Cerebral Palsy. I want to meet Thomas.

As always, Louise has the right thing to tell me. She talked about her friend who has Cerebral Palsy and spoke about how naughty he is.

You know what happens to me the minute I hear the word “Naughty”!?!?

I already like them… LOL

Coz, I’m fucking naughty!!! Very naughty!!! Uber naughty!!!!

Let me introduce you to amazing grace

So I drove to Footscray. I had lit my oil lamps in my shrine, and prayed:


Please shine the light on us. I don’t want to hurt myself or hurt him. I don’t meet a lot of people, and already this is stepping outside of my comfort zone.

Please guide the way, shine the light on both of us, and keep both of us safe.

I was happy on my way there. I like my fridays and the people in my usual Fridays. But, I was doing something different. For which I was happy. I listened to some Christmas carols, and Christian music on the way.

He came to greet me. We hugged and kissed…


He was adorable! Very very cudly! Like a teddy bear.

I was very comfortable at his appartment. We hung there for a while.

What the fuck was I worried about? I’m having fun!

Later we went out for dinner. We started to get to know each other slowly…

Half way through dinner, I couldn’t stop smiling. I’m sitting in front of a legend who owns everything he is. My most memorable line was when I decided to tell him

I’m actually quite naughty, but I tend to hide it.

And Thomas goes:

But, Why?

I fucking didn’t have an answer to that, did I?

The rare occation I couldn’t understand him, he would casually take the phone out, type it and show me.

Thomas showed me how to own my design. Because that’s what he was doing. He was owning his design. Because, underneath the design, we are all the same.

Then, I ask him what I do for work. He decides to then tell show me his website.


Thank God he waited till then. Or else this would be the one I’d be going.

Nah! I don’t do famous. I am scared of famous! I run the opposite direction!

So he saved the best for last.

Quoting from his website (http://www.centreforaccess.com/):

Centre for Access was established in February 2015 by Thomas Banks from his own kitchen table. He’s a young man with mild Cerebral Palsy. He’s a writer, author, stand up comedian, actor and a successful entrepreneur in his own right. He’s well known as a fierce disability advocate, a outspoken proud gay man and provocateur. He breaks down barriers every day as he makes his way through the world with a unapologetic intense energy. He’s always been curious about the world around him.

That curiosity led Thomas to establish and build his own training and consultancy agency, sharing his knowledge and lived experience from his personal perspective with a broad audience. Through the work which he delivers, he supports businesses and organisations to build their capacities to appropriately hire, engage, communicate and treat people with disabilities. He empowers them to change their organisational culture specifically around disability, challenging them to be more inclusive towards people with disabilities.

Thomas told me that he wrote and published his own book at the age of 14. Now, a documentary featuring him will be premiered on Stan on 3rd December instant.

Thomas and I ended up going to Pride of Footsray after dinner. The staff at Pride all seem to know him.

I was all of a sudden star struck!!

Then his friend, Nic joined us for the night.

Of course, Thomas decided that we should go to Richmond to have tea. Mind you this was at 9pm. LOL!!!

But, I had my car, and I was ok. Although, I was getting a little sleepy by that stage.

He wanted to go to Collections Bar in Richmond, but since we didn’t have a booking, we couldn’t make it to there.

So we ended up in Laird.

You guessed right!! All the staff there also knew Thomas, and he was getting all the attention.

I was happy.

Thomas had more adventures planned for the night, so I dropped both Thomas, and his friend Nic, home, and came home.

Thank you Thomas and Friends, and Thank you Dear Lord

Thomas’s life wouldn’t have been easy. I know my life wasn’t easy, and I know to have an additional label on top of that, wouldn’t have made his life easy.

But, he is a fierce young man, who owns his design. I’m sure I will continue a good friendship with Thomas. And I’m glad, that he was key to my re-introduction to the gay community.

The Cross has Made Thomas Flawless!

I’ll leave you with a song that I absolutely love.

No matter the bumps
No matter the bruises
No matter the scars
Still the truth is
The cross has made
The cross has made you flawless
No matter the hurt
Or how deep the wound is
No matter the pain
Still the truth is
The cross has made
The cross has made you flawless

– Flawless by Mercy Me

– Nim –

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