Some Facts About Sri Lanka – Those who judge, this is your window of opportunity to learn presented AS COVID-19

Note from the Author

Dear Readers,

I say these words, with utmost kindness. This is not me trying to run over someone who has fallen from a tree already. The situation you face these days is your window of opportunity to learn, by looking at your own judgements to others and your own selves in body, speech, or mind.

Hope you receive my loving kindness,



Some Facts About Sri Lanka

Both the Infectious diseases hospital (උණ රෝහල) and what was refered to as Lunatic Asylum (පිස්සං කොටුව), are based in a single area called Mulleriyawa.

The people who are mostly kind and generous, are infamous for judging those who have got any illness, let alone an infectious disease saying that it was all the sins they did to catch it. (ඔය උන් කරපු පව් නිසා)

Highly infectious or quite alarming Sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS or Hep B are also treated in infectious diseases hospital.

  • I was diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease which was curable at the age of 25-26 in Sri Lanka. I couldn’t tell my family. I was scared. So I told one of my medical student friends. She took me to General Hospital STI ward. I was treated like shit. The same way they treated sex workers. Starting from nurse assistants (who are refered to as attendants) to doctors treat you worse than a piece of garbage. I couldn’t even say the swab test hurt. The nurses told me that I should have thought about it before I did things. Fortunately I never got to go to Infectious Deseases Hospital or Lunatic Asylum.
  • I had to take pills 3 times a day for 30 days. My first overseas trip to Nigeria was made during these 30 days. I knew I couldn’t transfer it to anybody if I don’t have sex for 3 months. That was the advise given. I followed the doctor’s advise to the rule. I had no sex for 3 months. Nigeria at the time was massively hit by AIDS. I feared the fact that 40% of population in Nigeria had HIV. My next trip out of the country was to Tanzania. I had no disease in my system, and OMG, some of the Tanzanian boys, especially from Zanziba was UBER HOT. But, I never made a move. I was scared of HIV. That’s how much I judged them. Guess what happened to me, and which skin colour gave it to me. Trust me it was not black! And guess which skin colour ran away from me most. Trust me it was not black! Yep. God is kind like that.
  • In Australia I was diagnosed with mental illness in 2015. In 2017, I was diagnosed with HIV. I made that information publicly available in Gay Dating Platforms. I wasn’t always received with love  I was at the recieving end of the stick. Very busy hurting and learning. In 2017, I applied for Australian Citizenship, that time when I applied for  Sri Lankan Police Clearance, I was told over the phone that the house I lived in (and Mom still lives in), now belongs to Mulleriyawa Police Division. Funny that, it used to belong to Wellampitita.

  • When I went to Sri Lanka in 2017, I didn’t have any sex with anyone for 4 months. And I for one who likes his weekend benders, 4 months was a long period.

I forgot when I published this.

Untrue!! So I’m updating the article with this paragraph 24 hours after I published,

I had a little hanky panky over the jeans with a Tamil boy on my way back from Jaffna in the night train (Yaal Devi)!!!

There were 3 Tamil boys who appeared to be trady boys (specifically concrete / cement work), I sat on the floor with them, as the train was crowded (3rd class of course, since when have i done first class :)).

Two of them was talkative, but one was very silent.

Talkative one was busy buying food for themselves, including me.

Around late night / early morning, the two talkative ones fell asleep, thats when the silent cat got out of the bag. Cute! Yeah. Nothing damaging. Lets say wet trousers were the end result.

  • I kissed one boy who claimed his Mom didn’t know he came to meet me, and who I had to give a fucking medical report on HIV. I asked him to bugger off, nothing worse than a Sri Lankan family behind my back posibly claiming I did something to their INNOCENT BOYS!!! This was the enough for me to go “sexually hungry for 4 months”. On top of it it was illegal to be gay there!! Nice!). A lot of Sri Lankans, even when my grindr and scruff profile headline had HIV written on it, was too busy pretending they don’t know and asking me details. I was so fucking tired. But I was kind to most of them. And I knew some were not even gay, they were just information diggers. It’s ok, apparently I was doing the Job right – Just keep coping, keep your head down, and learn.

Thus I’ve heard: I had gotten to know Sri Lanka has a high HIV rate even when I was living in Sri Lanka. I was told highest rates of it was in high military areas like Anuradhapura during the war time. These area were infamous for sex workers. They were keeping the boys who were dying for the country happy. I am as thankful to them, as to those boys who died or injured themselves. As both were heros of our times. But this was our HIV distribution. These are “thus i’ve heard”, so please check with proper information sources. So most people hid their HIV, or any other sexually transmitted disease, or any other illness.

Now you are facing COVID-19, an innocent killer, highly infectious.

How has it managed to distribute super fast?

Your judgement and dishonesty. Your inequal wealth distribution where poor has to still work even when they are sick. Your business seeking about others thoughts, words, and deeds, instead of your own.

I know from personal experience, there is no escape when one judges another. ONE HAS TO LEARN. I had to go through shit to learn, we all have to. This is school. Human Realm is God School or Karma School. We can’t escape it. No one can.

You hold the key to stopping this spread. You hold the key to treating those who have gotten sick with kindness. You hold the key to your own path to freedom.

I truly hope and pray, we have not much deaths. But do remember, death is only like changing the car. You’d come back and learn the rest of it.

Don’t worry about it. Don’t fear it. Please don’t fear it.

We’re already living in the Hell we created, God does’t have to go that tough. His love is gentle. But we need to be so focused on learning. Then, it’s like going to school and not wanting to do homework. But unfortunately, you can’t copy in God’s exams. So no cheating.

Lots of Love my Dear Sri Lankans. (And as I say, just because I tell my mother off, doesn’t mean other mother’s farts don’t smell. I know each country holds very similar amounts of prior judgements, inequality, and prejudices)

– Nim –

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