Over the moon – A gift of love from Netflix

Just this morning I was winging about so many movies but not a single one I feel truly inspired to watch.

Just before that, I wrote to Lukas, which was received with thanks (I can interpret silence any fucking way I want, so I’ll imagine it’s with thanks). Then, I wrote to [Name_Removed_For_Now], who I asked to be a mediator between me and Lukas, and they will think about it. Had an argument with my mother, and finally invited Noel to come watch a movie with me. He had a DVD which I wanted to watch.

I have 3 computers, 1 DVD/VCD/CD player, and 1 Smart TV. Somehow, just about all of my technology went downhill, and I couldn’t be asked with the lot anymore. And asking my Mom, or Noel, about the modern day smart technology is worse than asking me about it.

So, Netflix it was. And I received my gift of love. I shared my gift with Noel.

I laughed so much. All characters were super cool. Noel cried. I almost cried.

Highly recommend this movie.

Fun Fact: The first time I’ve ever tasted Moon Cakes was at Newbury Buddhist Monastery, during my initial stay at the monastery. Aya Upeka’s friend Eng Chin, came from Singapore to visit her at the monastery. I went to pick her up from the Airport. Eng Chin had brought Aya Moon Cakes. Of course Aya shared with all of us. There were a lot of them, and for us to have a taste of different one, we cut each Moon Cake to 4 pieces or so. They were the best. So this movie gave me a beautiful memory to take to the grave with me about Moon Cakes. I now want to visit China!!! And learn about all the amazing stories from China. But who knows what I’ll do.

Links Below for the Movie:

Netflix and Chill Link: https://www.netflix.com/title/80214236?s=a&trkid=13747225&t=cp

Trailor: https://youtu.be/26DIABx44Tw

– Nim –

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