From My Beautiful Mind To AFL Grand Final 2020

Darling Nim and His Beautiful Mind,

The boys on the field, have chosen the clubs they like

The boys on the field, strong, passionate, skilled, and sexy

The boys on the field, I used to not get you at all

The boys on the field, i wonder if you know what acceptance from you makes me feel

Win or loose, it teaches the boys, and people like me, on accepting life, like a fair sport.

Tigers is the team I chose
Cats is a team some others chose

So let this be our game

Where some boys play a fair game.

– Nim –

#GoTigers #WellDoneNim #LetThisMomentBe

To My Footy Team, Richmond Tigers,

In case you know me at all, I’m the sort who you would look at last to get some Footy tips. It’s half time and you are a little behind.

I feel the pressure you feel, to win this game is more than the pressure I’ve seen you feel in your last couple of victories.

A little bit ahead of the moment, A little bit out of sync, like a song sung just before the music is played.

So please relax and have some fun.

You are great as you already are…

Remember to have fun with each moment.

And as my lover always told me:

“If it’s meant to be, it’ll be”

But, as I always have done:

“Give your best, but expect less”

– Nim –

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