A Noel that came along – Part II – Noel’s Story in Noel’s Words

Note: This blog post is a two part series. Please check https://nimeshe.blog/2020/10/24/a-noel-that-came-along-part-i/ for an introduction.

Dear Readers,

This is Noel’s story.

Who is Noel you may ask?

Just like Nimeshe, he is just another human on a journey called life. I have met so many people in life that I consider as “Milestones of my llife” or “Stepping stones that shaped who I am”, and Noel Jason Kelly, was such a stepping stone, that lifted me up, to where I fell from, as a better version of myself.

Why is this bit of his forty something year old life important?

I don’t know, but I don’t have a right to question it either. He is my dear friend, and he shares a story… I have lived with the man, and have had a friendship for the last 3 years, so I know his love… A sequence of events of one human being, may not contain adventure, fear, doubt, love, heartache, romance, misunderstanding, friendship. or complexitities of life… But, let me assure you, he is as human as you.

Thank you for stopping by.

A glimpse into my life – Noel’s Story in Noel’s words

Note: I have edited some of the original writing of Noel, and ensured the message and his story is not damaged.

A calling from Grandma to move to Melbourne

The year was 2011 and I was living and working in Perth, Australia. I had decided to move back to Melbourne, Australia, to look after my grandmother, who had dementia. I knew what I was getting into.

My grandmother was happy to see me, but she asked:

What on earth are you doing here?

My confident response which may have sounded like a Super Hero:

I came to look after you grandma! And while I’m here, I can probably look after my aunt’s children, while she is at work.

So my life started in Melbourne, I had dedicated most of my everyday life to looking after my demented grandmother. Other family members often visited grandma and gave me some free time to visit friends.

A couple of years passed by, and grandma’s condition was getting worse. The family started to notice that the time has come to get additional help.

My Grandma’s 80th Birthday

In the meantime, the family had planned a Party for Grandma’s 80th birthday. This was the first time in a long time that the entire family was getting together. With the family’s permission, I was able to bring my daughters, my grandma’s great grand daughters to the celebration. So, the family met the grand daughters, Pearl and Zoey, on my grand mother’s 80th birthday party.

We all had a good time. The girls also enjoyed. My grandmother was very happy to see Pearl and Zoey. Since the birthday, both girls visited us from time to time when ever they were free over weekends. Pearl came and stayed with us for longer periods of time as and when she was able to do so.

My Grandma Moves to a Nursing Home

One day, family members asked Pearl, who was holidaying with me, and I, to go for a walk for about an hour, as some people were coming to test grandma, to assesss her needs for a Nursing Home. The assessment advised us to send grandma to a nursing home. The process in getting grandma to a nursing home was going to take a few months. I carried on with life with this in my mind.

One Wednessday morning, Jo came over to get grandma dressed to take her out for lunch, and then they were to take grandma to the nursing home.

In the meantime, Jo and I had a meeting with the State Housing to see what they were are able to do with housing. The following week, they had a place for me. So my uncle Brucee met me at the housing office. They gave me a set of keys to a unit to have a look at.

My uncle and I went to see a unit in 1 Churchhill Steet, Ascot Vale. I quite liked the place. Housing office looked after paper work the following day, where I had to pay 2 weeks rent in advance. So, I moved to Unit 3, 1 Churchill Street, Ascot Vale.

Not long after, my grandma passed away.

A Nimeshe that came along

I met a nice guy named Nimeshe online. (Note: the guy who is typing this, and publishing in a blog!) I invited him over for a massage and dinner. Suddenly, Nimeshe had to go to Sri Lanka for a long period.

During his holiday, Nimeshe called me, and asked if I could rent my spare room for a small fee. So I offered him the spare room for 50/- dollars a week.

He arrived back in Australia, a little after 11pm on 10th March 2018. He spent his time mostly looking for work. After a few months, he found a job. With the help from his family, and incoming coming from work, he was able to rent a unit for himself again.

So, Nimeshe and I both went looking for suitable units to rent. We saw quite a few units, acrosss Ascot Vale, Brunswick, and Essendon. Nimeshe, wanted to live closer to Ascot Vale, but we couldn’t find a suitable property.

Then, Nimeshe found a unit in Oak Park. Nimeshe was able to apply and secure the unit to rent. He didn’t have any furniture or white goods. So we went shopping for those as well.

Then a day in August 2018, Nimeshe moved to his new unit. I helped him setting up the place.

Nimeshe and I continue to be good friends.

– Noel –

Nim’s Take on Noel’s Story

A modern day hero takes on the love to look after his grandma. One thing lead to another, and he was blessed with a roof over his head. During this time, a stranger named Nimeshe, was homeless. The modern day hero, had plenty to share. So he blessed Nimeshe, with a roof over his head, and a warm welcoming home and a heart.

A modern day hero, helped a genuine heart, with a whole lot of drama, build his life again.

A modern day hero, who loves their neighbour, as they love themselves.

– Nim –


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