Prayer to guide us manage human rights and animal rights

NOTE: The picture used for title image is not mine. I copied it from One Green Planet. Whilst I thank the website, I must confess, I haven’t read the article, I only copied the image.

Dear Lord,

I speak to all your children, I love all your children, it is a bit sad that I eat some of your children…

I’ve tried veganism, vegitarianism… But I do like the taste of some things we are used to, and also feel a balanced meal should have some animal products…. I also feel even when we do vegetarianism, we may end up killing a lot more of your children, only thing is they are really small.

May we get some guidence on how to be kind to both humans who serve and in return consume food as fuel, and be kind to animals who in their own right deserve to have a comfortable life and is a key contribution to environmental equillibrium.

May we get some guidence on matching our diet based on our environment, body type, body condition, mind state, hormone state, and other factors that influence running our unqiue vehicles in their unique roads.

May that guidence lead us to action a plan around on how to naviate on this topic. Maybe a 10-15 year plan to fully implement.

Thank you,



NOTE: Below image is ALSO not mine. Copied from FB. Don’t know who’s original work this is, but I wish to thank them.

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