Seeing you change from 7000km away from you – From Australia with Love

I left you 10 years ago, then I visited you 3 years ago. Up, close, and personal, I criticised you, I scolded you, I was harsh to you, but not to the poor. I met a lot of relatively poor little rich people. They spoke their hearts out to me. I was happy to leave you. But the life ahead of me, 7000km away, a friend offering me a place to stay, the unknown life ahead of me, I was not as happy. A challenge is never a pleasant journey. So the tiredness of future with repeated experience, made me feel a little dull.

So 3 years went by, now I see you again from 7000km away, over the wire, we are wired together.

I see the artists expressing beautiful meaning. I see the artists finally seeing their worth. I see the artists take on the biggest challenge, even making the doctors, engineers, and accountants, go a little arty-farty.

I feel so blessed. I can see that the 20 million, have finally realised 225 is a much small number. I also can see that you are still kind to the 225, as you know you made the 225.

Leaving behind a precious gift, even if the country now is sold to another. The gift is in humanity, the gift is in United World.

If I may speak, I wish the Sinhala Language to continue to exist, I wish the Sinhala Literature to receive it’s worth and recognition, I wish our historic structures that shows the effort of great leaders to be left with no harm, I wish you speak all languages you wish to speak, and always keep room for anyone to learn the languages, and continue to allow to be, while leaving all things with value to the next in line. The next generations to come

Thank you for the gifts, dear Sri Lankan artists.

– Nim –

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