Yay! Lego Serious Play! My new writing guide

Without going into much details, let’s get cracking. I got a Lego Serious Play starter kit for myself, and decided to have a play on my own.

Step 1: LSP Facilitator’s Question

Why are you mean to me?

The world has been a cruel place to live for a while now. Starting from harmless lies, to deceitful strategies, to greed, killing, and the list can go on. So I’m sure, we may have at some point or another asked our selves, why are we so mean to each other….

Step 2: Build a Lego model. No rights, no wrongs. Pure creative bliss.

Step 3: My Story

In my Lego model, we have the famous story line of saving a princess. However, instead of the room, the individual appears to be on the rooftop. Meanwhile, we can’t say it’s a prince although it looks like a prince, as who knows the label they use.

There appears to be a place for the princess, but there is a Gold Judgy King sort of thingy (instead of dragon) assessing the skill level of the potential “saviour”.

There are blocks, ladders, and other structures which doesn’t appear to directly add any value, but they are all the saviour has got. On top of it, there appears to be these shiney gold coins and slabs of gold.

Story bridge – LEGO to LET GO!

I believe we all come into this world and straight away get disoriented as to why things are a certain way.

We learn from our family, guardians, and school. None of whom openly share what they’ve taught the child, as they are too busy competing. (Exaggeration!!! But, you get the gist).

So, here we are, after spending most important, memorable, childhood learning how this world works, we go to the society to find out, they’ve learnt something different, and the world actually works even more differently.

So we get confused, consumed, lost… We blame, we fight, we kill, we rob, we hurt, and if all else fails we quit.

If we always look at the most immediate reason for any individual’s behaviour, and attempt to track back, you will realise, that there is no point in doing so.

So, if we were plonked on my Lego model saying this is the society, and someone Tweets, the mission is to rescue the Prince. We all start the mission. Since we love tweeting, all sorts of misinterpretations and interpretations probably would create major disruptions. A bit like the song “I just can’t wait to be king” in Lion King Movie, when they go “Everybody look left, Everybody look right”…

During the journey, we all end up realising how imperfect we all are, and how imperfect our parents, teachers, and society is. So we all decide to always be true to ourselves, and make a commitment to try and be true to others. We chose to own not only our own mistakes, but others “Oops” moments ..

1. If the prince is still alive and young by the time the we get to the prince, it’s a miracle team work.

2. If there is no prince or judge in the end, it’s all cool, we figured this shit out. As in we can play “we all don’t know very well, which is excellent”. Who knew!!!

3. I’m sure the prince would be happy that an entire world got into this LSP story, it’s way better than a single person single handedly taking up the gold judgy thing.

– Nim –

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