What covid-19 really taught us?

I’m going to rest a bit, and instead of writing I’m using a song from one Disney movie I watched so much, that I learnt the script by heart!!! By the time I was done watching Lion King, around the age of 15, my family literally hated Lion King. My Mom was like “Don’t we have any other Movie We can Watch”.

Yet, my dear Sri Lankans, watch this and see if this and you bunch has any similarties. I’m going to safetly keep myself out of the movie for the moment to enhance your viewing experince. (NOTE: Just because I tell my mother off, doesn’t mean other mothers’ farts smell of roses!!! I can safely say, with careful analysis, my own farts stink, most times… Unless, I decide to love anything an everything about myself, then it’s only a fart! Most times!!)

The truth is, the leaders of any of our chosen mothers, can say just about anything, even if it was two future Kings (starting from elections campaign) playing tricks to get to the no go zone…

Here I was always calling myself, that I am gullible.

If I am, I understand why…. I am surrounded by it!!!

– Nim –

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