The art of flying solo to groundbreaking heights in your mind

Once upon a time, a little ugly single engine propellor, had decided he was not good enough to fly and was not needed

Then came a little war ship, who took him on it and taught him how much he can still have fun, and how much he can love, even if he never flies, as long as he has a friend.

You know the rest of the story, but for me it was one of the most challenging tasks, no matter how many times now I’ve flown solo with my single engine propellor mind, each time I have to watch out, not to hurt myself, and not to hurt others.

First time, one minute on the ground, crying, next minute 40000 feet above the ground way above the  clouds, cannot see ground, creating history, but don’t know how, only know the why.

Then you land, not knowing only you went that high on a single engine propellor, and no one else has changed their views about the model.

So, each time what do I do:
Do (You come to realise you have no choice in the matter, God takes you when you are ready), Retrospective, Learn top improvements to make if there is a next time

Key Takeaways:
–  When you get the calling to fly, drop everything else, every other teeni-tiny business can wait. God take you there, but he also likes you to learn and fly solo.
–  When landing, always remember, as much as fun you had, it’s always a different view from 40000 feet high. People in ground don’t know what you saw. Communicate clearly. (It’s best if the landing no matter how cool or how ugly show the same amount of appreciation. Be a good sport about mind extreme sports.

Most importantly, just like when a human child explains to you about a friend he can see that you can’t, no matter how old, when a human is talking about his experience, no one else has a right to jump in and defines different experience. Please treat each other with love and respect. Listen intentently, and provide the story a platform. We all love our stories equally.

Also, maybe if you hire someone to do a job, and when they says,I can do this but I would feel safe if I have a partner to do that, and I choose this partner, maybe we should give that a go. After all what’s the worse thing. They would fail to deliver. But at least we get a good lesson. 💁‍♂️

I mean either way we will learn, but we don’t have to always do the hard way. I mean, had we tested our selves and most importantly world leaders the same amount, we wouldn’t have been in this place to begin with. So it is good. But, was a little silly. And we can provide a comfortable landing for future sportsmen and sportswomen and sportspeople.

– Nim –

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