If God didn’t give us a map, it is our duty to ensure noone walks alone down any road

This photo used for the blog cover page and posted below was taken when my mother finally managed to come to Australia in 2015. She had had to imagine the drama around the story I say as “The Crazy Episode”.  She was relieved to see me.

Oh by the way,  I wonder if the monks at NBM (Newbury Buddhist Monastery) knows this secret I am about to share, I probably should tell them next time I see them, lol.

Mom was sooooooo mad at the beautiful monks (at the time 2 key monastics who lead NBM, while another monk visiting from Perth, who was my work master, as well as the monk who accepted me to the monastery after giving my summary story)…

Why? They were taking too much work from “my son”

And my sister was mad at them too ..

Why? “My brother” is using a chainsaw and using dangerous tools, he has never in his life done this.


Meanwhile, I had the time of my life.  

While I was at the monastery, there was this young trady dude. Really hot fellow. Of course i checked him out all the time. Once he had stayed back in the monastery. They had been using the library building. The Nuns were concerned about the boy not seen the whole day the day before and that morning, and asked me to go tell him to have breaky.

I enter to see a fully covered, semi naked, half sleeping young boy, in an unmistakable high sexual energy. As much as I wanted to be there more than anywhere else, I wanted to give him his space, and wanted to respect Monastery’s conditions of stay. So I asked him to come have breakfast. The dude later came out and had cereal. I recall looking at his every move, being amazed at how simple his needs were.

Later his boss trady Boy told me he was addicted to Ice (I already knew that when I went to wake him up), and he had started selling his work utensils for drugs. And he was never at work.

I have seen many people go down this road. I have walked on a similar road, and with my luck of no one ever buying shit from me, or me never knowing how to sell, I very quickly learnt, what ever I do, the single rule was to always look after my finances, health, and to know when to party, when to work .  One of the reasons I was able to be comfortable with this is because I had a few unique individuals who knew these secret naughty things, and openly recognised how they can see my routine, yet how they don’t have a problem, as I always live upto my commitments, and deliver value.

I feel we need to let people be doing what ever they want to do, as long as they don’t force enter another’s circle or greatly negatively influence another. Then again, we all influence each other. Assuming I have delivered a lot of my findings as teachings, and assuming you all know my human behaviour around sex, drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes, I understand you are influenced and potentially worried.

But it is upto you which bits you take, and which bits you don’t. I grew up judging school boys in my own school who smoked weed. First 32 years of my life I judged all other drug users and sellers. I believed the madness that was advertised. I learnt the hard way. I learnt the most beautiful way. I’m glad I walked down almost all roads that exists. If God didn’t give us a map, it is our duty to ensure noone walks alone down any road. That is brotherhood, sisterhood, and humanity.

– Nim –

P.S: We are all children of God even when we hate each other and kill each other.

What hurts God most must be when we kill each other. Mostly when we kill each other by his name.

The God I have a relationship with forgives everyone. There is literally nothing he consider a sin, as long as one has learnt and is responsible for their actions.

Those who have really young children should be able to understand this easily.  Just as much those young children should learn very quickly how to keep God happy, the parents also I’m sure already feel God every day when they come to you with million problems with their little lives.

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