Another imagination with some careful observation of self

In 2017, I was diagnosed with HIV. Since I knew the advancement in medicine, I knew this was manageable, but it shifted my energy again, as I felt my life was given to my own hands, if I take the medicine, I live, and I carry no threat to anyone, if I don’t, I die, and along the way, might risk other lives. During the same time my sister’s blood reports were also showing signs of potential cancer. All I could think of was my Nephew. So I felt at least I had to get a grip with my life.

But, I found out the gay boys now called me “unclean”, some of my relatives thought my days were numbered, and others were busy to dig the information for me to say it myself. During this time I asked God, what would it have been if this was a common cough and cold? Will people treat each other like shit, even when the method of infection was not sexual?

Covid-19… I found the answer very early, and I was so angry that I had to relive the same amount of judgements again. But at least this time, I was not swimming alone.

I also have accidentally drawn a diagram to say that a simple wiring in humans can easily get someone to die.

Death: Let’s get real, this era is like a blank canvas. A heaven on earth. So if someone goes, and has a wee bit to learn or have a gift from God to live a happy life, they would go and come back elsewhere. I can’t make official advices on what Government can do. We probably can limit the death rates, etc, but each death has given us lessons about leadership, or an industry. Each death has also given us information about leadership skills.

Must I prove what I say, scientifically. I’m sorry I’m not skilled at that. But one message is loud and clear. No one can fuck with God. I’m only human, so I too can’t do anything other than play with you.

So let’s turn this ship around in mind more than body, and boost our immunity by being one with God in mind. Body is only a car. Your car breaks, you repair, if car and you don’t align, you buy a new car…

Coming from me, who has to say be careful to every Tom, Dick, and Harry, and apologies when I accidentally have stepped on a snail (or what sounded like one), saying I’m not worried about people dying is a load of crap. I’m scared shitless.

One thing I have noticed. All babies seem to know me, even when parents haven’t even seen. The gorgeous “Ah.. there you are… look” was worth the wait, every year drop

If I have managed to display some amount of love to you, trust me, that’s like a teaspoon of love when measured with God’s unending love. So please don’t hurt his divine guidance and presence.

– Nim –

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