Thank you for all the love!

Just taking a moment to thank each and every person, situation, and event that helped me see me for myself, forgive myself, accept myself, and love myself, thus helping me follow my dreams, and live my dreams….

Most importantly, dedicating my entire life to one unique individual, for never ever giving up, and being silly enough to believe anything is possible. Despite your drama, your exaggeration, your never ending flow of tears and sadness, and you always taking the seemingly least favorable path, you always managed to get yourself back up, and also find something valuable to share with people. I love you so much Nimeshe (Me, Myself, and I). There may be few people who don’t see eye to eye with you. It’s nothing personal, they are digesting your extreme mind challenging lifestyle. It’s all ok. There is enough love, even when we don’t see eye to eye.

Photoshoot:Expressions Of Love

Studio: Bathroom/Toilet (A unique space that supports all forms of artists and all form of expressions)

Haircut: Nim – Haircut already heavily critiqued by Mademoiselle Mother Dearest – Comment “ආප්පයක් තියෙලා වගෙ” (Looks like a Sri Lankan hopper turned upside down)

Make-up Artist: Nim
Photography: Nim
Dramatic Affects: Naturally Nim

Choreography: God

Lyrics, Music, and Story: The World, planet Earth

– Nim –

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