Everybody hurts, if only for a moment

Thus I’ve heard, in a story taught in Christianity, a wise man once upon a time, had adviced a King who ruled a country far, far away, to always remember to tell himself

This too shall pass

It is told that the king always managed to remember this advice in both good and bad times, which lead to the success of his time as the king.

Thus I’ve also heard, the blessed Gauthama Siddhartha, had advised his fellow humans not to invest one’s energy to the eight worldly winds, being; Praise/Blame, Gain/Loss, Success/Failure, Pleasure/Pain.

So both eastern and western religions have told similar things, yet, we struggle.

I initially thought, that the Buddha had no emotions. That was silly of me. I mean, Buddha is a blessed human being, but he is human after all.

What I’ve come to understand thus far is, that we, as humans cannot avoid neither the eight worldly winds, nor being emotional about them. But what we can work on is, how long we carry those emotions.

You might be thinking, this idiot, who couldn’t let go his first lover for 14 years, and the second lover for 5 years and counting, is talking about something he cannot walk.

I agree somewhat. I am holding very strong attachment to the bond and love I experienced with both of them. But, I also live my life.

So, when Lukas comes to mind, I might message him, or cry, or pray, or hope I find someone else, or contact 1000s of other boys to find someone to have sex with while appreciating their beauty and what the beauty alone does to my body.

Thus far I haven’t experienced a state where I feel no human emotions. I feel desire, I feel anger.

But, once the emotional energy runs out, what ever the outcome is, I must remember to say:

This too shall pass.

This body state, this emotional state, this mind state, all shall pass.

I am capable, and responsible to manage how much I invest for a given intense emotional state.

I can pay extra attention to my mind’s loving, yet potentially biased commentaries, continuously delivered when in high emotional intensity.

I can trust my mind, but when it is on an emotional rollercoaster, it’s best to let it enjoy the ride. ,

– Nim –

#ProvideOnesSelfEmotionalSafety #GivingPsychologicalSafetyToSelf #SelfLeadership #LovingSelf #MeMyselfandI

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