Do you love your child?

Is your child’s safety important?
Is your child’s truth important?
Is your child’s present important?
Is your child’s future important?

Why do you love your child?

If you were to go, would your child survive?
If your child was to go, would you survive?
If you both were to go, will you try to find?

It’s not easy I know
But I only tell for love you know
The energy imbalance feel it and know

How is it love, if you are risking the present,
for an uncertain future?

How is it love, If you are saving some value,
for a bunch of lies to come?

How is it love, when your child has grown and can only say the truth, but you hold a value that your child know is untrue

I pray with lots of love
I pray with lots of love
I pray with lots of love

Choose present over future
Choose truth over values
Choose love over culture
Choose child over your “self”

Energy imbalance has to settle
Energy to matter
Matter to energy
Hear my love and settle the energies

– Nim –

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