Public speaking is an art – My lessons from Sesh


Somewhere back in 2019, I was asked to hire a Test Analyst. I had someone in mind who I knew, I decided I’d let them go through the interview. The panel liked the applicant, however my manager at the time decided it was not fair, so asked me to go through applications again.

Although, I was annoyed with my manager, because I wanted to play fair as well, I didn’t mind this. What I didn’t know was that my manager had slipped in someone they knew also to the pile of applications. Never told this information, so I definitely didn’t know which one.

So here I was going through 30 or so applications. I shortlisted a few, but one applicant stood out. A Software Engineer wanting the position. It stood out, not just because it was a different application, but something about the applicant. Anyone who has gone through resumes probably can relate to this. He was the one that I went:

I definitely need to talk to him!

I called him, we agreed the position was not for him. But I said.

But I still want to meet you. Are you open to have a coffee or a beer with me?

So we met. Had an awesome time. Spoke about our passion, our failures, our success. We both believed in Divinity. We have been friends on Social Media and WhatsApp since then.

So let me introduce Sesh V. S. That resume that was slipped in without my knowledge, was meant to be met by myself.

I met him tonight at an online event, giving a speech about becoming a public speaker.

Public Speaking Coach

It was evident the man knew what he was talking about. He has created a process, a method, a structure, for anyone to be a public speaker. If they were willing to practice. I would categories his passion as a “High Energy Speaker”. However, he also displayed other forms of speaking. He also made me prepare for an interactive talk I have planned for tomorrow for my colleagues.

Top Tips I learnt tonight

1. We are all public speakers

Sesh reminded us that as children, we are unafraid to talk in any social environment. Even when we couldn’t speak words, and mumbled. We spoke. So we are all public speakers, or public communicators. It’s only the enviorment that moulds you that gets in the way, and creates “Fear” and “Doubt”.

2. Public speaking is an art

Sesh reminded us that as much as preparation for the speach is important, the art of delivery is equally important. He also showcased, multiple different “expression methods”. He reminded us that we are all unique, all he is doing is showing different methods, but we need to find our own.

3. Engage with audience

This is a common teaching that most public speaking coaches talk about. But he gave quite a few different tackticks for this. The key message is, focus on the audience who is not engaged, and get their attention.

4. No speaker is successful without a good why

This I believe was the most important message tonight. The topic must not only be believed by one’s self as the speaker, but there should be a good reason as to why you do it. The audience should always be your why.

5. Make an Impact

Sesh reminded us, that the Why can only successfully be achieved, if one, as the speaker successfully makes an impact. Whether it’s a teary audience, a laughing audience, laughing with you, or laughing at you, or clapping for you, you have managed to make a memory in your audience’s mind. THAT is the IMPRINT you make in them.

Sesh allowed me to create my own 7 hacks for public speaking, and he was cool with it.

  1. Prepare the Structure
  2. Consider all possible paths in your mind for each point in your structure
  3. Rehearse the content structure
  4. Medidate just before the event / Ask permission and guidance from God
  5. Check energy in the room
  6. Match energy in the room
  7. Engage the audience in your delivery (Check energy <> Match Energy)

– Nim –

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