Memories of 15th October – A Facebook Story


This time in 2017, I didn’t have my WordPress blog. Actually, that’s not true, I had it, but never really wrote on it.

Most of my writing was on Facebook. A lot of people were embarassed of my writing as the language was really raw. Later, I also was embarassed, as a lot of people were embarassed.

But it was what I wrote. I’m a writer. So why should I be embarassed? So below are the notes that came as “Memories on this day” in my Facebook feed for 15th October.

Are we there yet?

You heard the Thunder..
You saw the Lightening…
You saw the Clouds…
You saw the rain…
You saw the trees..
You saw the animals…

You found the Nitrogen
You found the Sulfer
You found the Carbon
You found the Oxygen
You found all the fucking science

But you couldn’t see the beauty of a Mushroom…
Where life appeared in front of you out of nowhere…
Or is there a perfect formula for that as well?

I should be happy, but I’m numb…
The greediest bastards, rule the world…
The brains with no wisdom, ruins the world…
The artist who is giving a good fight, is in prison…
The soldier who seeks justice, dies for someone else…
The monk who see all this shit, separates himself, but daemons followed…
The comic told a story, everyone laughed, noone believed..

Then there is “I”, who fucking tried everything, I mean some may even puke..
Made friends with the daemons.. I mean everyone likes Vampires..
Have enough brains to make his own Atom Bomb or the Coolest Drug…
Have enough passion to only want One…
Have enough wisdom to seek world peace..
Knows the world is watching, but no way to proove…
Knows the world loves him, but no way to proove…

So why do I need proof?
Trying to find the money… Doing what everyone else does… Fake it till you make it…

So seeing is believing, I’m sure you saw…
So what the fuck do you want from me?
There is nothing new under the Son…


The mad artist found science…
The mad scientist found the money…
The mad money fucks all of us…
The mad me, just fucks, fucks up, get fucked up, for what?
For madness!!!

God Knows Why

See the innocence of the strongest Alpha Male
See the strength of the most fragile Woman
See the ones who oscillate in between
See the beauty
Who needs enlightenment, when beauty is all there is

I’m the Teacher, but only a student
I’m an Adult, but only a child
I’m the Jesus, only to be crucified
I’m the Drug Lord, only to be arrested
I’m the Buddha, only to be misunderstood
I’m the Prophet, only a little less skin
I’m the Lover, only to be single
I must be, the One and Only, in your eyes
But I’m wiser to know, I’m no different to everyone else
We are all Gods…
God Knows why…

The Moment of Truth

That moment you first open your eyes,
You realized you are no longer blind,
But, you chose to believe you are
And, you chose to believe everyone else is
Now you know, you will forever be blind, but always see.

Believe in you, trust you, respect you…
Believe in others, trust others, respect others… Believe in God, trust god, respect god..
Believe in Nature, trust nature, respect nature..

Each of us are Uber fucking special cunts!!!

Heart goes Lub-Dub

Lub-Dub… Lub-Dub
Blood comes in, Blood goes out..

Lungs need to breath,
Yes Sir, Lub-Dub..
Kidneys need to clean,
Yes Sir, Lub-Dub..
Brain needs to think,
Yes Sir, Lub-Dub..
I’m Hung Like Horse,
Yes Sir, Lub-Dub..

Lub misses the Dub,
The limp dick is dead.

I love you too much,
Like a failing heart,
Beats when all had died,
Trying for a that one last time..

Love me more

“But, I’m nothing more than a heart beat”

  • Nim, June 24th 2015, Nambour General Hospital, Ward GE

Psychiatrist smiles kindly and tells me I should love me more.

Forgiveness is not just a feeling

Forgiveness is not a feeling,
it is a commitment!
It is a choice to show mercy!

Forgiveness is an
expression of love!

Gary Chapman
The 5 Languages of Love

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