A Drug problem in Sri Lanka when I was a child,or was it?

I went to a Government Public school in Sri Lanka in Colombo 10, Sri Lanka. It was one of the best public schools based on public reputation earnt. Outside our school gates always were street sellers. Although school had prohibited this, they would even secretly give us what they sell from the fense.

So who were these street sellers?

  • Fruit sellers
  • Mango sellers
  • Candy floss sellers (Sri Lankan version)
  • Little plastic toys sellers (all different toys that would get boys attention)

During the same time, there was this rumour, that the fruit sellers add “DRUGS” (Kudu) to the salt and chilli powder mix that they usually add to our fruit. Usually a mango was 1 rupee, and a bag of mixed fruits were more or less the same.

No one knows where the information came from, but the whole country believed that the sellers now add “DRUGS” (Kudu) to the salt and chilli powder.

On top of it, my mother was the opposite extreme of what I’ve become when it cames to any form of hygiene. She was the sort to wash vegitables, and fruits before she refrigerated, or wash the dishes before putting in to cupboards, and wash them again when taking them out. So I was NOT allowed to eat these. But she gave me around 2 rupees to 5 rupees as pocket money. A coin.

What do I do?

EAT FRUITS!!!! Absolutely LOVE IT.

Meanwhile, slowly we were introduced smaller bottle of soft drinks. Coca Cola buddy (4/- ruppees). Nearby shop also had toffees for 50 cents, and bubble gum for 1/ ruppee. Most parents now have complaint to the school about fruit sellers. So kids were slowly movingt to candy, coke, and chocolates.

Now that I’ve seen what drugs look like and how expensive they are, I definitely know, that the poor street seller from slums definitely couldn’t afford a salt can full of drugs to feed free to the kids.

Think again my dear Sri Lankans. Before believing some stupid information… Think for yourself.

Is this an attack to Coca Cola? NOPE! I love coke and I love fanta.

But lets establish, that we have ALL fucked up.

When one fucks up, one can’t unfuckup.

E.g. If you fuck with a girl, you know the girl might have a child. Don’t drag society, parents, other boys and girls, religion into it.. When you decided that you were turned on, and you wanted pleasure, you also knew you could have a child.

So, if we’ve all fucked up, and there is no unfucking, and only way is forward.

Lets just be responsible. Lets let things be, but from here onwards, act responsibly.

This article is not advising you for drugs or against drugs.

But, highest death rates are not because of drugs. It’s because of sugar, and fat.

So choose wisely, and let others choose their paths. If their path crosses your path, then tell them off.

Lets please take this big mess together, and leave something better for our children.

– Nim –

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