Did Prince Siddhartha Let Go?

Prince Siddhartha let go of his palace, his harem, wife, and child, and did a soul search. He as we all know reached Enlightenment, and taught the world, which later after his death became established as a religion. The key teaching most Buddhist preach to every other Buddhist and human being is how bonds create suffering “බැඳීම් නිසා දුක හටගනී”, and continue to advise how one should let go of bonds “බැඳීම් අත්හරින්න”

But, if you closely observe, he let go of his one child for a few years, but he loved so much that he couldn’t rest even in his dying hours and allowed people to ask him questions. He ensured his child followed him around where ever he went.

So his Bonds if at all became much larger and stronger. He was an awesome father.

He never ever let go of people and watched them fail or waited till they fail or said “life is impermanent, so I don’t love anymore”. He even attended to making sure his enemy who tried to kill him few times and caused the followers to split by misguiding them, was looked after and not be hated by those who hasn’t yet understood his teachings. .

So may I ask, if we want to preach, at least say “he let go of bonds that arise from attachment to self seen as the most important form in the universe and as permanent, and saw the greatest bond, the eternal bond to all living beings through all space and time”

The Bond that he created was so strong that he gave birth to the future Buddha, a responsibility of every Buddha, a bond way more powerful than any creation of the form realm.

So dear Buddhists, accept what ever in your present moment as me, knowing that it is a different me in the next moment. And then you ask yourself who exactly is me….  You will not be able to pin point to any form, let it be matter or energy and show thus is me. Of course with modern data science, one will be able to take a historic report of all of that. But each data point was dependent on the previous data point. So me could have taken a complete different form, had a single decision was taken differently. So let go of attachment to me because there is no end to finding who me is, as the possibility variations are endless, or predicting me and satisfying me, as those possibility variations are also endless.

So just satisfy me in a given moment, and make sure you treat the totality of form, let it be matter or energy with the same level of respect.

– Nim –

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