Between The Lines – Did you know that Gauthama Siddhartha also had times that he was tired?

Author’s Note

Thanks to the book Between The Lines, An Analytical Appreciation of Buddha’s Life, written by Sylvia Bay, I too learnt this aspect I speak about in my blog. Sylvia Bay beautifully humanise Buddha, The blessed Samma Sambuddha, the most human human in his era.

My Ideas:

Growing up as a Buddhist, it is not a suprise for one to have Buddha as a percieved mind object of this Super Inhuman Rock! I mean he is not shaken by eight worldly winds…

I had later realised, not shaken means, not shaken by one self’s emotions as well, it wasn’t about not feeling or not having emotions… But then again that was what I understood about self…

However, the blessed Gauthama Siddhartha, post ten years of enlightenment, once some processes and principals were established to support community needs, who wished the Sangha to be behaving a certain way to make them feel comfortable, Sangha community had started to argue about one such principal, deviding the group into two schools of thought. Gauthama Siddhartha himself couldn’t settle the argument. To the point the Sangha had told the blessed one to keep out of it. Ironically, Sangha had forgotten from whome they learnt, and asked the blessed one to “Take a hike”….

So the blessed one had gone…. “Go get fucked…I’m out…. You sort this shit out, then I’ll come back…. ” Of course niether Sylvia Bay, nor the Pāli cannon says that’s what he said, but hey Nim likes to think Gauthama Buddha, formerly a playboy was a little more fun than saying:
“Oh dear Monks, I’m going to retreat then… I don’t want to partake in such petty quarrels…”

– Nim –

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