One in 7.8 Billion Human Beings

First there was Me…

There were others, but most importantly there was Me ..

Then one was told, one needs to be giving more, one should be selfless…

Then one tries to be that, assume the role of being that, while aching in one’s mind, body, and soul, and one’s self screaming

“what about me?”

Then one is told there is Ego, Super Ego, and Higher Self … And many other aspects… Then one try to find which is which …

Then one gives up and just live life….

Then one falls in love…

Then one falls…. falls… falls…

Then one rises again, falls again, rises again, falsl again …. x Quite a few times ๐Ÿ™‚

Then one realises Ego, and God (Aspect) are like Ying and Yang, the one is nothing without the other….

One of my teachers has messaged me a couple of weeks ago, a response to me reaching out to him, one of the lines that hurt me most, but healed me most is:

“Your actions don’t show love and your words are nothing more than ramblings of a lost sole trying to find it’s way.”

Why did the last sentence hurt me?

Because, it is true!

Why did the last sentence heal me?

Because it is true for all of us!

“We are all lost soles trying to find it’s way”, whether you are the Buddha, Jesus, or a Prophet, or Evil Devil himself, a Billionaire or a Beggar on the streets, we are all finding our way each day….

But, I give the first two sentences back to him, as it’s not true for me.

It’s just one perception of one individual human being out of 7.8 billion human beings on earth. And we haven’t even counted all sentient beings.


– Nim –

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