What if you were that ant?

You may see a lone ant
If you choose to follow it visually
You may see it “aimlessly” walking or rather running…

To human comprehension, it may appear like “nowhere”


You may see it meeting another ant, and they do what looks like “kissing each other”

At this point, you may see them
going their own way,
going the same way…

And you may notice,
the surface they stood on doesn’t change

But, if you notice over a very long period,
the surface also changes…
By that stage, many ants have lived, walked, died on that surface

What is then the difference?

The ant appeared to have a task
The surface appeared to just be there to support the ants….

The ant appear to be able to use energy
The surface appear to be able to exchange energy

Both ant and the surface are matter
But what gives them life is energy

Isn’t it magical?

I beg you please,

Consider this magic…

I beg you please to ask from yourself…

What if you were that ant?

– Nim –

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