Dear Alpha Male – When they beg for Earth from the desert in Mars…

Note from the Author: I was doing a letterbox drop as a volunteer for Greens party for upcoming Local Council Elections. I mostly kept to myself as I was alone. But some young ego wanted to rub their ego on me. So here is my letter to such egos!

Dear Alpha Male,

All my younger life I’ve feared you
All my younger life you’ve taken from me,
When I haven’t offered
My food, my money, my heart, my body
And my soul….

All my adult life, I’m trying
Trying to understand you
Trying to be understood by you
Trying to pretend to be you
Trying to imagine to be you

Then you appear, apparently I’m an adult of forty ..
To make me feel dirty, make me feel small
Yes, it’s only my own childhood fears,
And you may not accept any responsibility
Typical, I may say, putting all of you in one box!

How unfair, I tell myself…
When some of them have been kind to me
When some of them know I work for them

To help their sorry selves,
when they beg down the Centrelink
when they beg for good air to breathe
when they beg for fresh water to drink
when they beg for more trees for shade
when they beg for Earth from the desert in Mars!

– Nim –

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