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I got this topic from Vocal Media, another blogging platform. I pay a subscription for the platform, and apparently they pay me based on the number of views They also have competitions. But they have rules around word counts, and they also delete some of the content by “Editing” without my permission. So, here I am, settling back at my blogging haven, WordPress!

My Most Favourite Youtuber – Imaginary Future


When I was around 18 or 19, I was living in Sri Lanka, the country I was born in, where homosexuality was illegal. Having my first romance openly telling me, the first night we spent together, that he can’t go against his parents, I accepted defeat very early in our Gay relationship.

Fortunately, during this time, we had a platform called and also Yahoo Messenger had chat rooms. None of us used our own pictures, but I met quite a few friends there. Some of them I never met or knew what they looked like. Some of them I’ve met, and we’ve managed to have a friendship of over 20 years.

During this same time, I watched a movie with two of my most favourite stars, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. You may have already guessed the movie, “You’ve Got Mail”

Yep a Romantic Comedy. The first time I watched it, I immediately fell in love with the character played by Meg Ryan. She loved Daisies, and believed them to be the friendliest flowers, even though I didn’t see it then, I felt I wanted to be her, so I decided I too liked daisies.

She was talking to a stranger, just like I did, and dreamt of falling in love with one of them, as that was the only platform I had.

In one of the first scenes, while she was walking from her apartment to her workplace, in New York, a small bookstore, the background music was Dreams, by Cranberries. I’ve loved that song since then. Everytime I hear it, my heart skips a beat.

I loved this movie so much, I even attempted to go to USA as a student. I wanted to go to New York, where people fall in love and true romance happened, like in the movie.

I know! I know!! I’m worse than a teenage girl when it comes to Gullibility, Stupidity, Wisdom, and Romance!

Let’s fast forward to 2019

I had already gotten hooked onto YouTube Music and paid the subscription even when I was flat broke. Music was my Haven when I was in a panick stricken situation, or in a situation that brings out a lot of anxiety, or I was in a situation I was too shy to talk to people. I always fell back on to music or spiritual talks. I still do!

One such day, while I was experiencing elevated emotions of positive energy, and while seeing the beauty of life, I heard a new version of the same song. I was certain it was an Angel sighing, coz it spoke to my nerves, and heart probably skipped 300 beats.. Then I saw him… He reminded me a lot of my (former) lover, Lukas, but I couldn’t stop thinking that he was really good looking.

I used the word former within brackets for a reason. And let the reason be love!

The dude who was singing.. my knees went weak for his beauty.

But if it was just that, as in the looks and the voice, Why did I choose him as the most favourite YouTuber?

I actually don’t know the answer to that question. All I know is his voice, his skin, his beard, his face, his lips, his everything made me feel safe, and gave me hope, when ever I’ve felt down.

So this is my thanks to Vocal.Media for bringing up the topic, and this is my virtual hug all the way from down under in Australia, to Imaginary Future, the Dude with the beard, who cuddled me like a baby when I felt unsafe … (Must be weird coming from a 40 year old man!)

The Song – Dreams by Cranberries, Cover by Imaginary Future: Dreams

– Nim –

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