Mental Health – Integration with Indeginous and other cultures

The thought crossed my mind…

Were all these rigid mental health stock standard systems and processes implemented alongside consciously (for ill-will, I’m not referring to “consciously” in Spiritual context) or unconsciously…

So I googled, the impact of existing legalities and processes around mental health, to Aboriginal and Islander communities, whose primary “way of living”, beliefs, and truths around “Spirituality” that doesn’t align at all with the modern “science is the only truth motto” based western societies

Found an interesting article, from which I decided to use two quotes which caught my heart beat…

Quote 1:

The construction of mental illness is a cultural concept developed mostly within a western context and it is a frustrating reality that many of the assessment tools used by clinicians have little or no cross-cultural validity.

Quote 2:

Aboriginal families can be more accepting of illness. There are more extended networks. For example, there is not so much concern where children go because of all the family networks. —Aboriginal health representative

I would hate to believe in western societies, a family member or a friend, who is grieving or showing elivated emotions, either positive or negative are palmed off to a bunch of strangers instead of providing the comfort and security to go through the motions, maybe alongside with the bunch of strangers…

I would hate to believe in western medicine, just because of a phone call, or because of historic reports, medical practitioners are forced by the processes to prescribe medicine without understanding the law of impermanence, that a person can change over time learning for themselves various coping, stabilising, and grounding mechanisms…

As I’m sure elders of the past and present, in Indeginous communities would know that the “difference in behaviour and communication” is only a sign to indicate “The young fella is tapping into a realm of wisdom”, and also know if judged, cornered, and restricted, the blossoming wouldn’t happen… Just like pulling a butterfly out of a cacoon.

I’m certain that elders of the past and present would just let the fella (the person who is showing some behavioural difference) be themselves, while providing some kind guidance, mostly in the question form, allowing the “young fella” to find the answer themselves.

I’m certain such elders would take the time to observe the behaviour while the “spiritual fella” is going through the changes before rushing to conclusions.

It’s evident that we need to consider Indeginous methods and the multi-cultural definitions, understanding, and behaviour towards an individual who displays different behaviour to main stream.

– Nim –

Please note the use of “fella” doesn’t indicate a gender bias. Trust me I can’t be gender biased. It refers to all genders in this blog post.

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