When he said I judge too quick when I scolded his homeland

Switzerland… In 2015, the most beautiful boy stepped into my life, standing on the side of the road, holding a board “Going South”, when my habitual body need, which is also my source of energy, usually practiced in Sri Lanka, by giving a ride to someone they don’t know, a well practiced porn movie that I make with a Hitchhiker, maybe it was only in my practice.

Switzerland… In 2015, hours into hearing the father, the son, the holy ghost, and of course a few times of, I can’t have enough of this, I don’t even need a Viagra, how is this possible porn movie, a calling to take him home, he is a keeper…

Switzerland … In 2015, when my porn star family member, told me that we’d be hurt, I replied, by praying to God ..

If eight weeks of love is all I will know. Let me please have it…

Switzerland… In 2015, the one country I wanted to know how he is, his life, his family, his safety, and playfulness.

Switzerland… In 2017… I wanted to understand Switzerland… They’re banking, how them maintain peace. How they do pharmaceuticals. And in my imagination, Switzerland also had natural sources of ICE… A drug I was addicted to. So wanted to check it out. (Never found the ICE in Switzerland when I went there… Except all trains had a ICE number… Well some. But dealing with a new country, pretending to be happy, find all opportunities to keep engaged, and crying like a baby, kept me away from drugs during my time there)

Switzerland… In 2019, the one country I had to visit, to ground the energy of my imagination, as I knew the only thing that would earth me was seeing him, in flesh and blood.

Switzerland… In 2019, I learnt tough love from my lover, and mostly a lot of love from every person I met. The people talked about how their own freedom was restricted by society. So I judged. I failed to see what my lover had winged about Switzerland while he was holidaying in Australia, but also failed to see what was soon good about indirect communication, and not providing “LGBTIQ” marriage rights. So I judged that.

Switzerland… In 2019, my partner saw one tiny observation which was my information, the only known, when written, as “too quick to judge”. I was hurt. But, not as much as the hurt that stems from how much I love him.

Switzerland… In 2019, I met some of the most beautiful people, each of them, may only be a second, somehow created a life long connection. So maybe I judged as my partner said. (But he started it, let me remind him in 2015!! I didn’t buy into any of that 😹)

Switzerland.. 2019…Basel .. The most peaceful place I experienced in Switzerland. Maybe it was just me, seeing Lukas in everything I saw, in the absence of ability to see him.

Switzerland… 2020.. The other half of my story.

One White Boy in Switzerland, One Black Fella in Australia, both calling these countries home, looking at Sri Lanka going… And How did you come into the picture?

Sri Lanka replies

Tough Love!

– Nim –

P.S: If someone things this is offensive, love yourself, or fuck yourself… And see both are two sides of the same coin.

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