My Grandfather’s Beautiful Death

I have seen someone dying before. That was when my Dad passed. I couldn’t be watching anymore so I begged God please

Please take him, let him not fight anymore

I felt so helpless, but I knew the exact time. I watched the body go blue, from toes to lips, there were no more breaths, but heart was still going. Now the nurses were the only one’s who knew. His last breath, his face cringed ever so slightly, and his face lit up.

My grandfather, was demented for a while. He kept on saying how Buddha is preaching him, etc. A lot made sense. However, one evening, I came home from work, and told mum,

We have to be up all night. He is going.

I called my two aunts, one in Australia, and another in New Zealand. I said:

He is going. If you want to make it to the funeral, catch a flight now.

One Aunt who had some money left as soon as I said so. The other didn’t have a lot, so she asked me to say exactly when he goes. But I knew the unspoken promise was to let her pay her last respects.

My mother, my eldest aunt, my eldest aunt’s husband was present at the time he was going. They were busy talking shit as always… 😜

My eldest aunt who saw death the first time was amazed by it. She wished it was recorded. My Mom who was angry with everyone, with a lot of love, hated my eldest aunt’s guts for saying it.

I tried to tell off Mom, who was getting in my way, but somehow did get all sisters to where they wanted to be at his funeral.

But I would like to tell my eldest aunt, you did record it in your mind, I recorded you recording it in your mind.

The last show, the last message:

Tell my girls, I love them so much. Tell them, I’m sorry if I ever hurt them. If they can’t remember, show them this recording. I showed you one hand, bring my children, through blood or not, grand children who knew me or not, lift your hand to close the loop of love, where all of us are thanked, forgiven, and loved.

My Boys by the time you say this, already know my love for them. They have told you so.

Cecil Karunadasa Madanayake via Nimeshe Dilraj Madanayke

– Nim –

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