Who is to show thus is the beginning or thus is the end in authentic honesty?

Thus I’ve heard, in the life of the Buddha Gauthama Siddhartha, the one who walked closest to Buddha, who also participated in the first Dharma Sangayana after the Buddha has passed, who also apparently only got enlightened just before the Sangayana, was Ananda. Buddha trusted in him to be the “data storage, and say only the direct experience” named as “Dharma Bhandagarika”. In case no one cared anymore about what the fuck enlightenment was, and respected Ananda anyway, he probably had the most amount of knowledge to return as the next Buddha.

Thus I’ve also heard, there was one monk who was completed identified in the world form, who uttered the words, just after Buddha passed away..

Thank God he is gone. Now there is no one to correct us. We can do what we want.

This I’ve experienced, no one knows what message was passed to know the lifeline from Buddha to Buddha.

This too I’ve experienced, even the Buddha remembers the Buddha nature, only when he remembers a parent’s love that runs in the family roots.

If all this halabaloo gets born again in a video game of some creative game creator, or some galaxy far far away, or even inside Buddha’s own tummy as a micro organism that continues to exist after he dies, it is only those truth sayers, truth seekers, and true lovers that will bring back word peace.

And when that amount of reestablishment of love is heard, experienced, felt, seen, and confidently delivered, even the sinners of the past are so stunned with stillness, they gain access to be a non-returner or retainer for supporting next Life Line Reminder.

So may I now know who the losers of this Game of Life?

Life is a game, Money gives its power, but we don’t sell Love that keeps us alive. That’s the brotherhood, sisterhood, buddhahood, devahood, bhootahood, thingy-magigy-whatsithood, and commitment and whatevs of Saviours grace!

– Nim –

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