The Three Pre-Marital Slaps

Thank you my parents and family, I do not remember a single slap or physical beating from you. I do recall one from Mum, but then she hugged me for the longest time. None was from family who accepted me as family.

The nameless first lover, typical teenage boy, dick first sort! Me, being me, all of a sudden fell in love with the parents, even made my parents jealous, and demanded my father to bring gifts, intended to deliver the unspoken promise I made to his parents, using all I can offer to trick him to study to get to Engineering Faculty.

A day I just went all overboard with drama, and he was so scared of me being unwell, so decided to slap me out of it.

Lesson for myself, not a universal law FFS: Do not take my lover’s tolerance to over exaggerate drama (Some voice in me already know this, and then the slap hurts a lot more as I already knew the slap matched the guilt of not listening to my own inner guide of stepping into his love and tolerance. I’ve also learnt the art of Kung Fu Panda, and got him to wait and study, then desired outcome will be received. I never not delivered my personal best.

A random stranger, at a random movie theatre watching porn like movie. The boy next to me, quite unlike the others, fully enjoying himself. I have seen thus before, and it was an invite to join. I took the same invite, and I got a small slap.

Lesson for myself, not a universal Law FFS: I don’t know how to communicate as the entire country played cat and mouse. The boy’s gentle slap had I like it but I shouldn’t kind of approach. Either way, it is definitely not worth hanging onto for a lesson for self. I was not educated properly, and I was doing what I knew. I am no longer embarrassed for any of the ways I communicated my desire or attraction to someone.

The Uber Slap: I went over and beyond to help two drunk boys, take one girl to a birthday. The drunk idiot tried to put his stupid ICE box with bottles of beer on top of the roof rack, and when I tried to help him did the whole “I’m more boy than you kind of thing”, and he fell off the roof rack and near his head was a puddle of water and I worried like hell. He was fine, but when I tried to get into the car, I learnt that my car door is broken. I got so sad, as I had no money to fix it. I had given my personal best, when all promises already given by others had put me on the streets. I was helped by few who made no promise.

Lesson: The one who was tested by those who judge by books written by man understood by man and defined as law and the only law, do turn the other cheek. Whether it’s a slap or a kiss, the blessed one feels the kiss. However, I do know he was also being very cheeky. So, despite my practiced drama which happened as a reaction, I was well present through that reaction, I know this can even be a little play had he been not drunk with alcohol but drunk in love. I did feel the potential for me to feel that, and I already felt it.

– Nim –

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