A political view on current situation in Victoria, Australia

Introduction – Political views of the author

I became a Citizen of Australia, in 2017. Since then, I was eligible to vote in the country. I knew nothing about politics, but fortunately for people like me, this country’s politics operate on outlining planned policies by each party, and getting people to vote for the policies. When I used the political view calculator usually given to public by ABC Australia, I fell closer to Australian Greens Party, next in line was the Australian Labour Party. I have voted twice since I became a citizen of the country, both times voted for the Australian Greens Party, and currently actively volunteering for the Australian Greens Party, for the upcoming Council elections.

That being said, I am definitely not blind when good words are said or deeds are done, by who ever the party currently in power. The country’s federal government is currently governed by the Australian Liberal Party, and the state I live in, Victoria’s state government is run by the Australian Labour Party.

Amazingly (for someone who migrated from a country that did not have such ethical and affective politics), all parties appear to work some what peacefully, towards delivering what the public needs. So far in my life in this country, I haven’t seen a complete con person leading the country or state. I may not have supported the policies or what they delivered, but no one was tricked. It was what the public voted for. However, no one expected to be in the current situation the world is in, so no one voted for any of the policies, or procedures any of the politicians are bringing in during this time. Unfortunately, we do not have time to call for elections, and have public vote, when in an emergency.

It is no different to being on a plane.

As long as the plane is cruising along, we can do most things we can do on an air plane. We can even demand for additional food or beverages, or a blanket (assuming one is not flying a budget airline).

But, if we are in an emergency situation, the roles reverse. We respect the pilots, and air hostesses. What ever the discomfort felt, is tolerated, because we love and respect the lives of everyone on board, and thier loved ones who are not onboard.

Latest statement from Daniel Andrews

If one closely look at any of the social media platforms, or private internet news channels, one would see a lot of anger towards the latest statement about emergency law. Rather than believing social media, I decided to go to the Facebook page of the man himself, to see what the halabaloo is about.

This is my interpretation and view of the statement. However, I also acknowledge, I am a full time Positive Thinker, who believes World Peace is possible in my lifetime.

This week we’re making some changes to our State of Emergency laws.
They’re a bit technical, so bear with me.

Daniel Andrews – August 24th at 9.35pm on his official Facebook page

A very straight forward statement outlining a good summary. Using 12 words, the man has explained what the update is about. Immediately afterwards, he has confirmed that the update is quite technical, and requested his public to patiently read.

– but before we get into it, let me be clear:
This does not change how long our current lockdown will last, or increase the restrictions we face.

Daniel Andrews – August 24th at 9.35pm on his official Facebook page

Before he explained the changes, he has confirmed, what the changes DOES NOT mean.

At the moment, the rules we rely on to keep Victoria safe – things like face coverings, requiring workplaces to have a COVIDSafe plan, and mandatory isolation for people who have tested positive to coronavirus – are only possible when a State of Emergency has been declared.

Daniel Andrews – August 24th at 9.35pm on his official Facebook page

Here, the man has explained what rules have been imposed in Victoria, to protect the public, and he has explained that imposing these rules have only been possible when a State of Emergency is declared.

The State of Emergency essentially gives government the ability to implement the protections needed to keep Victorians safe.
Without it, these changes could take weeks or months to pass through Parliament – but in a health crisis like this, where the situation changes daily, that just isn’t workable.

Daniel Andrews – August 24th at 9.35pm on his official Facebook page

Once again, he is reminding the public, what the State of Emergency enables the government to deliver. He has repeated himself. Another way of looking at it, an attempt to establish trust, and yeat another way, a plead to trust him.

We’ve been in a State of Emergency since March – and we’ve renewed that State of Emergency six times already. But under the current legislation, we can’t renew it beyond next month.

These laws weren’t written with such a prolonged and infectious virus in mind, and we need to change them to properly respond to this current pandemic.

Daniel Andrews – August 24th at 9.35pm on his official Facebook page

Here he has outlined, what the broader existing law stipulates about implementing and renewing State of Emergency Law. He has tried to explain to his public, that in case, the situation doesn’t change in the coming months, his hands will be tied by the overaching legislation. He reminds us, that the laws weren’t written having such a situation in mind.

This statement doesn’t surprise me at all. One of my very good friends, who I hold really high, who is also my emergency contact (I have trusted my life and death with him, to do the right thing, despite what my story is), who works for the government, has told me in more than one occation, how he has hit road blocks in delivering IT projects in Government departments, due to legislation, and how long legislation changes take. So I personally, completely get the position Daniel Andrews is in. It reminds of my friend. If I assume Daniel Andrews to be anything like my friend, this would be the time, he would be on the phone with me for hours, venting away his frustrations.

You don’t need to be the Chief Health Officer to realise that this virus isn’t going to disappear next month, and that until we find a vaccine – we’ll be dealing with it for a while to come, in some form or another.

Daniel Andrews – August 24th at 9.35pm on his official Facebook page

Looking at the numbers presented to us, assuming all conspiracy theories currently being presented by various parties aren’t fully accurate, or fully thought through, I agree, I can’t see this ending any time soon. I hate the situation! I am single, and “dating” life has been non-existent, and I have natural human needs that cannot be met with the restrictions we are in. Trust me, I hate it! But, somehow I also don’t see it as Daniel Andrew’s fault.

That’s why we’re introducing changes to allow the State of Emergency to be extended up until mid-September 2021.

This doesn’t mean we will be in lockdown for another 12 months – or that we’re forced to remain in a State of Emergency for that long either.

Daniel Andrews – August 24th at 9.35pm on his official Facebook page

After preparing the public for the news, the man explains that he wishes to extend “The ability to impose State of Emergency if needed until mid-September 2021″. He has confirmed once again, what it DOES NOT mean.

It just means it is there if the health experts tell us it’s needed.

Daniel Andrews – August 24th at 9.35pm on his official Facebook page

In this simple yet powerful statement, he summarises, he just wishes the ability to impose State of Emergency to be there, if health experts advise him, it is needed.

almost every other state and territory can renew their equivalent emergency declarations indefinitely – we don’t think that’s necessary.The rest of hi

Daniel Andrews – August 24th at 9.35pm on his official Facebook page

He also has indicated to the public that all other states already has more powerful laws enabled in reference to imposing and renewing State of Emergency Law. His requests are NOT even to get the same level of power.

My thought through and carefully analyzed theories

Do I believe the country’s health care system can improve? YES!

Do I believe the country’s aged care fascilities can improve? YES!

Do I believe the pharmacieutical companies are driven by greed? YES!

Do I believe some of the country’s past political actions could have been better? YES!

Do I believe the country could have done better for other causes of death? YES!

Do I believe that some deceases like HIV are man made? YES!

Do I suspect that a cure is not made for such deceases to keep pharmacietical companies profiiting? YES!


Do I believe our leaders in power are doing the best job they know how to do in the current situation? YES!

A kind request to the public

Let us please wait. Let us please tolerate the discomfort a bit longer. Let us please watch where exactly our current leaders are taking us? Let us give our leaders a chance.

By 2021, if we find out they performed really poorly, or they tricked us, we will ensure the current leaders exit the parliament, and state offices. I will join hands with you as well to march them out. But now is not the time.

Dear Australians,

I believe you have no idea how blessed you are to be living in this country. I do not want to say anything bad about Sri Lanka, but I also can’t lie. The politics I have seen in the 30 years I lived in Sri Lanka, did NOT have public interest as a priority at all. Each and every move the politicians made was about gaining for self, while tricking the public.

I have seen the complete opposite in the 10 years I’ve lived in Australia.

If you don’t believe me, go to those countries like India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, or any other “3rd world country”, but not for a holiday or while you have a job in a 1st world country. Go there and live there with an average job for about two to three years. Catch public transport daily to work. Get unwell, and go to a public hospital.

Then come back and see what a blessed nation you live in. Your actions should not ruin what we have, instead we should be looking at giving to other nations what they don’t have.

We should be looking at improving the systems the 3rd world countries have, not ruining what the 1st world have.

– Nim –

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