Understanding “human” through understanding one’s self…

My experience of understanding from within – uncovering wisdom


My life experiences, especially the last 5 years, which I would consider to be an exponential growth, have shown me, that there are 4 key “methods” or “processes” human beings go through to give birth to wisdom, or understanding from within.

Process 1 – Two high emotional intensity life situations

Event 1 – One experiences a life situation that brings along a high emotional intensity. Thus the experience will be stored in one’s memory as a strong memory, mostly likely with minute details. Almost a photographic memory. In this event, one is either perplexed, and cannot fathom “why”, or underneath the “reactions” one chooses to not make concrete judgements about the “why”.

Event 2 – One experiences a second life situation that directly refers to the the previous life situation, in terms of “similarity”, but, one plays the opposite role or a significantly different role. In this, one has the opportunity to understand, the “why” having played more than one role in two similar life experiences.

Process 2 – A life experience, followed by a teaching

The key difference here is that instead of one going through a second life experience playing a different role, one may be blessed enough to recieve a good teaching from a teacher, that directly refers to the “why” of the life experience.

Process 3 – A teaching, followed by a life experience

In this process, gifted by life, one encounters the teacher and teaching, before the life experience. It could be a talk, a book, an article, a movie, a song, or a poem. One fundamentally understand the teaching, but to instill it in one’s self with no doubt, life more often than not throws a bonus life experience.

Process 4 – Teaching from within, followed by life experiences

This is very similar to the process 3 discussed above. The only difference is that the teaching has come through one’s self.

A night I refer to as “A Crazy night, a splendid turn“, that took place in June, 2015, a teaching has come through me, but even 5 years later, I’m practising some of that teaching that came through me.

The future of education

Some of these practicess are already embedded into our education systems, but, I feel these can be fine tuned and processes can be targeted for learning outcomes, where each student goes through at least 2-3 out of the 4 processes discussed in the blog article.

However, for such a system to function, the only absolute requirement is for the student to be open minded and never put any mind construct as an absolute constant. Always be open to reconsidering.

– Nim –

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