A Thank You Note to my Coach – Louise Kennedy


I was introduced the idea of having a life coach back in 2011. I have had excellent life coaches in the early years, but I took a little break from being coached, starting 2015, where I felt the need to “Fly Solo”.

But, starting April this year, I decided to have a coach again. This time, I selected my former housemate, friend, former opera singer, author, spiritual geek, and certified coach, Louise Kennedy.

The change she brought to me was from the first session itself.

Louise introduced me to herself as the coach early this year, by taking me through a guided meditation, where I was guided to meet my own 4 year old self, and guided me to commit to loving, nuturing, and caring for that aspect that is still alive in me. Louise’s gentle voice allowed me to easily settle into the meditation, and this contributed in shifting my energy completely away from self-criticism, self-pity, self-doubt, and improved my self-love. It helped me to see my human self, love and forgive my human expression.

Since then she has worked with me on a series of choices that I would like to create in my life. Louise is gifted with intuition, where she is always blessed with the knowing to be aligned with her client during the session. Louise also posses a wealth of knowledge around various spiritual practicess, as well as teachings of teachers such as Ekhart Tolle, and Dr. Joe Dispenza. Louise’s gentle approach, along with her intuitive abilities, knowledge, and wisdom, makes each coaching session focus on an outcome. The changes that I have started feeling has been immediate.

I can highly recommend her as a coach.

Thank you Louise Kennedy, for the friendship and commitment to touching and making a positive impact to lives.

– Nim –

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P.S: Some of my notes during her coaching or outcomes of her sessions captured as art…


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