May you be like that moon referred in Dhammapada

Reference – Dhammapada

A collection of sayings of the Buddha in verse form and one of the most widely read and best known Buddhist scriptures.[2]


I was born and raised in Sri Lanka. Although I was blessed with good education, and some early teachings of Spirituality, my personal journey had left me with a bitter taste about the country’s Government, Legal structures, Economical structures, and some aspects of social structures.

I have chosen to not engage in any political views in Sri Lanka. Unlike the blessed nation that I live today, my adopted mother land, Sri Lankan politics doesn’t appear to be driven by clear policies.

However, as I write this, Sri Lanka is forming a new government. So this is my prayer, for the country.

A verse from the Dhammapada

යෝච පුබ්බේ පමජ්ජිත්වා
පච්චාසෝ නප්පමජ්ජතී
සෝ ඉමං ලෝකං පභාසේතී
අබ්හා මුච්චෝත චන්දිමා

Translation based on my understanding:

If one, who was formerly “late” (not living in the present moment, but dwelling in thoughts about the past or the future, thus fueling the fires of greed, aversion, and dillusion), becomes later present, they would brighten the whole world, like the full moon that had come out of the dark clouds.

Teaching based on my understanding:

In this teaching, Buddha points us to the moon that is easier to understand as already existed, even when hidden in the dark clouds, thereby he guides us to see the ever present nature of presence or “Nirvana” already existing, even when hidden behind thoughts, and egoic energies such as greed and aversion. Buddha is strong in his teaching about not letting the past of another come in the way of right action they take in the present moment.

Our collective focus will create our reality

In my 40 years of a lifetime, I haven’t seen any Sri Lankan politician or government, irrespective of the political party they belong to, fully serving the country.

This past memory and experience that we, as Sri Lankans, collectively carry around in our unconscious mind, has the potential to recreate the same experience of our past.

I believe we can all agree that we wouldn’t want to contribute to such a creation 💁‍♂️

So on this day, as I kindly remind myself, may I kindly request, we look at the newly formed Government, not through the lense of our past experience, but through the lense of our vision of the future.

May this newly formed Government, have the clarity of vision, strength, and support to turn Sri Lanka around, back to being

The Gem of the Indian Ocean


– Nim –


    1. That’s obvious… But if one closely watch, seeing the impermanent nature of all things, one can see that it doesn’t have to be that way. Love you mate 🙏


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