Haider – Freedom is beyond revenge

Haider, an Indian movie, may only be a movie for some, but a truth lived through for many. A beautiful representation of greed, hatred, and dillusion, and a journey towards realisation and a glimpse towards the path of peace, may seem late for one son, but never too late, for generations to come.

Rather difficult to watch, having lived the first 30 years in Sri Lanka, a country that killed each other, in an attempt to divide the tiny Island, or not to divide the tiny Island, in the name of race, those greedy, who invested in the hatred of those who lost their loved ones, to fuel the fire only for personal gains, and another period of killing, in the name of human rights.

How can inhumane actions be a fight against human rights?

I persevered and watched till the end, to see a glimpse of hope, when Haider, a character beautifully played by Shahid Kapoor, managed to hear his mother’s last words.

I pray for those who were more closely impacted than me. May they be guided towards true healing and freedom from the bottled up emotional trauma.

Irony is, the path of peace is written in the backyards, all over Sri Lanka.  Yet majority attempting to find it through the same paths, followed over and over again, hoping for a different tomorrow. Finding new labels and banners for the insanity, the insanity of violence, which could easily lead to war again. 

Maybe a significant shift will happen before this form ends.

Living in hope, and dying knowing we did our best, with no doubts in conscience.

May we find the true path of peace, beyond hatred, beyond greed, and have clarity of vision, to walk that path until our time ends in this planet.


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– Nim –

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