Back to the Drawing Board with God


Did you know that I’m turning 40 this year?


What ever a year means to you, I can assure you one thing my child…

You’ve been here a lot longer than 40 of them, and you will be here for a lot longer than another 40 of them!


Okay! Okay!

But, can we speak human language for a second and stop being all “God-like Swami-boo”!!!


I must agree with your friends.

You are complicated!

You invite me over for a chat, but you want me to be not me!

Thank me I love you!

(Did you get what I did there? 💁‍♂️)


No! That’s not entirely correct.

(And yes, I got your “great joke”! 🤦‍♂️)

You have all the wisdom that surpass all-time and all-space. I am aware that I too have that through the aspect of me that is you.

But, I like to talk about this form of mine that has existed 40 “human years”, and that continues to exist for however long I have remaining.


So…. Tell me…

What is troubling you?


I feel like I have to make some changes in my life. Major changes!!!

I want to start all over again. Change direction. Start with a blank canvas.

But I do cherish my past, I love everything it taught me. Even the worst days of my past where I hated my mere existence has taught me things.

I want to know more about Love.

I am unsure if what I called Love was really Love!

But then again, I’m confused. I like letting the future unfold itself. But I fear it. So should I even be making any changes?

I want to serve more. I want to be of service to others; fellow humans and earthlings, a lot more. Instead of being stuck with the concept of “me”.

I wish you could show me how.

I wish you could come to the drawing board with me and plan it all out.

Plan out the best version of my existence!!!


My Sweet Child, May I ask you to do one thing.

Imagine that you are standing on one end of a straight line.

Call that straight line “Human Years”, and mark the place you’re standing as 40 Human Years.

Bring to mind 3 previous versions of your self, namely 10 year old self, 20 year old self, and 30 year old self. Imagine them also standing in the straight line in their respective places, that marks 10, 20, and 30 years.

Imagine that each of them want to have the same conversation with you.

See the passion in their eyes, see the hopes, dreams, confusion, and their need to know what to do.

What would you say to them? When you know they are looking up to you.


I don’t know. It’ll be so difficult to say anything, knowing that if I try to give advise to them, this moment wouldn’t exist. In fact, I probably wouldn’t be having this conversation with you right now. This moment probably would have taken a different form.

Every step they took, every decision, every moment they spent, has come to this moment, and made me the person I am right here, right now.

My life hasn’t been perfect!

My thoughts, words, and deeds have been far from perfect!

But they all were stepping stones to come to this moment!

I would really struggle! I wouldn’t know what to say, or how to help them!


But, you’ll have to say something.

They are looking at you asking for help.

So what would it be?


Make the most of every moment.

Try to be honest at least with yourself if not easy to do so with others!

Learn from every moment!

Live to learn!

Learn to live!

Don’t be afraid of mistakes!

Even if you make the same for a million times! Each time learn something new about yourself!

Don’t take onboard everything others say!

But, listen to everything they say!

Trust in yourself!

Trust in the Divinity of this Universe!

Trust in the Divinity hidden within yourself!


So what do you think I will say to you? For the conversation you wanted to have, and the guidance you wanted from me.


You tricked me!

I hate you sometimes!


But I know you love me, even when you say you hate me or don’t believe in me.

And that love always returns to you, as I’m only a mirror of the God you see in you.

– Nim –

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