Thank you for so much love…

The bushfire situation that has been ongoing for a while now in Australia, and the damage it has done is all over the various news channels across all media around the world. And the situation is indeed very sad.

However, through the tears, flames, lost homes, and lost lifes what I also see is the amount of love, compassion, and care we actually have for one another, that includes among all earthlings.

Have you seen pictures or videos of Koalas who under any other circumstance, hide or run away from humans, run towards them and hug onto a human limb? The amount of love and compassion that’s overflowing from people who are being of service in such a situation must be so high that it goes beyond language or species!!!

It’s like we speak one language, and that language is love!

When life is “normal”, we usually are stuck in our routines, stories, or business, and it appears that our authentic selves get clouded and taken over by a game of “Individual Survival”, although there is no real threat. But in the face of an actual threat, we are so much more caring and loving.

A truly amazing “Team Survival”!

What I see over media fascinates me. The amount of love I see fascinates me! Almost everyone of us are doing something, even if it is a silent prayer, at the heart level, we are in one place. Whether it’s a Government Hate speech over Facebook (I am not a big fan of hate speech), or being in the middle of a fire as a volunteer fire fighter risking life, most of us have forgotten our differences and we are united as One Nation.

So although it is not a good situation, and quite scary, this amount of connection, love, and kindness is a rarity and something positive that we can extract from the situation.

I am truly sorry for everyone who has lost property, or loved ones.

I am sorry for the part I have played in this consumption-obsessed, short sighted, system.

I am sorry for being stuck in a lonely dark corner of the world not being able to help myself, and not doing much about people who are actually facing some difficult life situation.

I truly hope and pray that the situation soothes soon, and we embark on the rebuilding journey.

But, I wanted to thank everyone who have shown so much love.

Especially, the fire fighters. I have no words to describe the respect I have.

Thank you for so much love!


– Nim –

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