Turning Around

At some point in our lives, most of us would have experienced what we call a “Dip” or a “Relative Low”. At least I know I have experienced multiple episodes of these.

Some of them felt more like a Trench than a Dip!!!

However, when we go there, unless we are experiencing a severe depression, more often than not, we want to come out of it as soon as possible, as we know a better, and an energetic version of us exist. We’ve experienced that version.

But we tend to struggle to come out of these.

How can I turn around?
How easy or difficult is it going to be this time?
How long will it take me?
How can I talk my mind out of this dark place?
Why am I feeling this way?

I tend to ask myself

Sometimes the task seems absolutely impossible.

Yesterday morning, while on the train, I watched a video produced by Team GaryVee shared by Trendin – LinkedIn’s Best Content Channel.

How can I turn around, be inspired and motivated, when I have lost my inspiration and motivation?

The caller in this video asks a similar question.

I do it by remembering I could die tomorrow

Gary Vee answers.

I absolutely loved the answer.

Contemplating and meditating on my own death has brought me a lot of insights into my own spiritual practice. But over time, this too became one of those things I already know, but doesn’t help at times.

When I go to a dark little corner, I treat that aspect like a child.

Now, if a child is cranky, we need to let that cranky energy get finished. I have observed parents becoming absolutely helpless around high energy kids getting really cranky. I have seen that all these parents end up doing is just waiting for them to fall asleep or get distracted by something else.

Similarly, for these dark moments in life, I feel we need to let the “batteries run dry“, but also ensure that we “don’t re-charge the batteries

This may sound a little creepy, but I do this by splitting into two versions.

  • A parent with unconditional love, just watching and not interfering.
  • A child who is naughty, who knows what ever they feel, say, or do, they will be forgiven.

These two aspects are always within me. But I conciously turn them on when I go into a “Pity Party”.

When I’m actively listening to the mind chatter and story, without any judgements, while continuing to love myself, the absurdity of some of the things I tell myself eventually becomes so evident. This solid inside information about myself, although may not be worth investigating then and there, can be processed and worked on later. Which is invaluable!

Once the energy of the Child version of myself is getting low, or it’s getting bored with the repetition of the story, that’s the time I switch to something I really enjoy that keeps my mind in one place.

For me, it’s dancing, painting, writing, watching a happy movie, talking to someone about a real world problem and think of solutions, etc.,

What ever it is, it makes me concentrate outside of myself for a long period of time.

Sounds like a lot of effort. And you are right, it is absolutely tiring. But, once I come out, I have a lot of “inside information” to work on. I get pretty excited about this. That gives me back the motivation and inspiration that appeared to have gone missing.

Hopefully, while one goes through this, they also get some genuine love and concern with no judgement.

That my dear readers, is so benefitial and priceless. But we can’t always count on it, that’s why we need to practice counting on ourselves.

And of course if the dark days last for a long time, and if you feel you’re going deeper every day,

Please seek help!

Just like this girl who spoke to Gary.

Talk to someone who you feel safe and comfortable with.

Because we are all worth it!

if not we won’t be here on earth, experiencing a human life, being the only species who appear to have a choice about what the future holds.

I hope this information is helpful to someone out there.

Lots of Love

– Nim –

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