Go one day without

Last night, I spent a little time contemplating about the day’s events

I realised that I wasn’t all that forgiving. For someone who thrives to master the art of forgiveness, empathy, and compassion, these little moments bother me until I learn something.

Most of my school years, I have been used to being one kid who is being laughed at by the rest of the class. It wasn’t easy, when 30-40 other kids are on one side, and I’m the topic of discussion. Of course, later years I had a few who was with me throughout not leaving my side. That group referred to themselves as “X-Guys“, since “X-Men” was already taken.

I thank their courage.

I thank them wholeheartedly.

I thank and forgive all others, as they were kids too, and a product of the society.

The bullying ended for a while, or I had enough people around me.

Maybe because there were some unresolved beliefs around this, I went through a period of massively being misunderstood.

I felt alone!

I felt lonely!

I felt mostly unsupported!

But it’s all cool.

As I criticized someone in my thoughts as well as with another yesterday.

Maybe I couldn’t properly empathize and feel compassion.

So how can I point at people who talk behind my back, people who laugh at me, or people who bullied me.

Maybe they couldn’t properly empathize and feel compassion.

When I saw an article this morning that said Pink (the singer) requests her fans to “Go one day without criticising someone“, I had an emotional reaction.

This triggered me to write this blog  post. As it was my own guilt that was reacting for my lack of empathy on some occasions.

So the message to myself:

I am sometimes sad about that little child named “Nimeshe” who was fighting an emotional battle all alone.

And it’s ok.

I sometimes can’t go a day without criticising someone.

And it’s ok.

I forgive myself, as I am trying!

– Nim –

P.S: Accidentally I found the best picture for the blog post.

The cow/bull looks like it was resting and minding it’s own Business, but got a reaction for some disturbance.

So I learnt: Although I need to be responsible for reacting or responding, the disturbing parties also should be responsible for their actions and more importantly for their intentions…

So while I can improve, so can others. If the intentions are of highest good and serving God, then the reaction is exactly what would have been required. For all parties to learn and grow.


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