A present to a past, only a matter of time!

A past pain of lack

A pleasure captured fruit

A fruit run out of time

A present pain of lack

A present to a past

Only a matter of time

This structure on repeat

A pain to be fazed?

– Nim –

P.S: Last night I felt this whole cycle is fucked!

That’s when I realised that we also have a choice of stepping out, and watching the “I” captured in the cycle as merely a continuum of energy and matter.

It’s easier said than done for sure!

That is why I ended with a question, to question myself

Even if we are not fazed by gain or loss, we are definitely fazed by this cycle. That is why it’s tiring!

I feel that the more we contemplate and reduce our energy focused on pain, the closer the cycle will get to a natural state. Just like managing our heart pulse to a healthy state.

E.g. If I was just a driver of this body and mind, on the day we have to break, it would be good if it was a slow and steady breaking. But if we haven’t managed to maintain momentum at a safe level, it would be a sudden break!

When it’s a slow ending, energy is matched so the driver captured within this body and mind (vehicle) matches the universal energy. If not, there is something that is in excess!

I’ll call this, “left over energy”.

As what ever it is, it has left the body behind! So it can’t be matter as we know it!

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