So that is how damaging it can be

We live in a time where we have to accept that Social Media plays a major role in our day to day living. Of course there are theories and judgements about the use of social media, but it is evident that social meadia has also become our primary platform to stay connected with people who we want in our lives. Of course there are strangers in our online social network, but the platforms themselves allow us to use it for our benefit, where we can communicate with these strangers to get to know them better and make new friends

There are some market leaders when it comes to Social Media. Being a market leader, these organisations have to cater for their vastly diverse communities. The programmers, engineers, designers, scientists, and many other staff members must be spending a lot of time listening to the communities, to empathize and update their algorithms.

I can empathize with them. Geting it “right” must be an everyday problem, knowing that they cannot please everyone.

Yesterday Facebook decided to block me from posting for 24 hours. The decision appeared to be coming from an algorithm. The decision didn’t appear to be having any understanding of where I was coming from, my past activity on Facebook, and definitely no value given to content that I have shared or Facebook activity thus far, which is data they hold. 

It was about a picture of a semi-naked woman displaying her tattoos. Picture was taken at Immigration Museum Melbourne Australia’s “Our Bodies, Our Voices, Our Marks” exhibition. The exhibition was open to public of all ages. I didn’t deem it as adult content. I deemed it as art, history, and human expression.

There is not much damage to me, except that it’s annoying and a little sad when I think;

So that is how much control they have!

No questions asked!

No Judge!

No Jury!

And punishment is given!


  • What if I was a smallbusiness or an Independent retailer.
  • What if I had an event today for which I had content to post throughout the day.
  • What if my daily income depended on my online activity.

So that is how damaging it can be… It can be a lot more damaging for someone’s bread and butter!

So what would be the smart thing to do?

Distribution of your content across multiple platforms that are not owned by the same authority.

Another way of saying this;

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

There are already a good level of competition for social media platforms. And there are multiple platforms appearing like mushrooms on a day-to-day basis.

I’m sure there will be enough avenues for us to explore, express, and invest on!

– Nim –

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