From forever wanting more to forever more to know

It’s been over 39 years of existence of my self. Early years of anyone’s life is around wanting more. From the time we wanted some new toy, only to be happy for a while until we start to notice the toys we don’t have, to the time where we started calling ourselves adults, only to replace the word “toy” but do the same thing.

Even when it’s tiring, the momentum of this practice keeps us going for wanting forever more.

The Australian Dream for me was one of the big ones. Fortunately, the perceived reality of my early years in Australia was far from my imaginary Australian Dream. As painful as it was, the early signs of absurdity of this “forever wanting more” lead me to a different journey.

But, even this so called different journey, had it’s own flavours of “wanting more”.

At one point, it was all about the highest level of spiritual practice. This race has been going on for a while.

At one point it was about self-doubt of the so called “knowing”, that stemmed from wanting to master something.

Today, after listening to Steph Mellor, the design director at Huddle at General Assembly Melbourne, it occurred to me that;

Spirituality or Spiritual practice is nothing but Human Centred Thinking.

Of course we need to include all beings, nature, and planet earth to the mix. But, it’s easy to understand animals, trees, weather patterns, and sciences behind them.

But humans, are so complex.

One can never fully know all possible combinations and permutations of human emotions and behaviours around them.

Therefore, one can never master empathy or compassion,

There will always be a situation were one meets with a human variation that one has never seen before.

That will be a learning experience to practice empathy and compassion both to this new human variation and yourself.

To effectively and truly serve humans and human existence, we would require more and more humans realising that;

There will always be forever more to learn.

There will always be forever more to practice.

There will always be forever more to grow.

– Nim –

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