Coz I love my Good, Bad, and Ugly!

I am also to be blamed, for laying most blame on the society.

Of course, society plays a huge role in creating and establishing our beliefs, and character traits.

Then you say or do something, or be someone a little different, then society is quick to jump on it, judge it, label it, corner it, and you name it, society does it!

I am also to be blamed, for trying to please the so called society.

Then you get tired of it, you loose yourself, and end up becoming someone you don’t recognise at all.

Of course society continues to have some critiquing to do even then 💁‍♂️

I am also to be blamed, for then trying to hide from “society”

Then you get labelled with if not one, many of the mental illness labels that are available. And you too start believing these labels.

I am also to be blamed, for then trying to fight the perceived society with the most radical approaches!

Then you get more labels, although you slowly also see glimpses of your true self. Things that you never knew or had long forgotten about yourself. Your passion! Your dreams! Your secrets that you had burried down so deep that they didn’t exist!

I am also to be blamed, for laying most blame on the society.

The truth is, if I am listening to a radio station and they are playing a song that I don’t like, I have the choice to change the channel, to wait for the next song, or to blame the radio station for not playing only songs I like!

So we can choose when to listen and when not to listen.

Because what gives Society power or credibility to judge anyone when we live in such a mad world that destroys their own home everyday!

No one has got it right!

We are ruled and governed by ego, and greed driven individuals!!!

Society does nothing about it! (Well not really, that was an exaggeration… There are a ton of thoughtful kind people who are doing everything in their power to make a change! But now by saying this, I’ve just ruined the #hateflow that was happening in my blog post!🤦‍♂️)

In my own life, when I was actually depressed,

No one even knew it!

When I was happy and had a little epiphany,

People thought I am “crazy”!

When I was hiding everything I did,

Everyone loved me!

When I told everything about me,

Most judged me or wanted to fix me!

When I really needed someone the most,

Almost no one was around!

When I had fallen, or made a mistake, the number people who laughed at me was countless.

I almost felt like I heard my name on the radio!

(Refered to as “She” for some reason 💁‍♂️)

But at the same time, the amount of help I have received with no labels, name tags, brands, have also been quite high and have been a blessing!

So I just thank God!

Who else to thank, when I don’t know who?

The irony is, a human needs human connection!

And in case I was unwell at times,

That’s all I ever needed!

That was all!

A Friend, A Partner, Someone who loved me for my good, bad, and ugly!

So SocietyFM,

You can go on and on and on…

The one radio station that never takes a break!

Because, I need to be responsible when to change the channel or when to turn you off! 💁‍♂️

Coz, maybe you can’t understand me or love me, but, I love my Good, Bad, and Ugly! As they all taught me, and made the person I am today!

May not be much, but that is all I’ve got and everything for my self!


I reconsider, rethink, revisit, revise, and try my best and,

That is the best version I can ever be!

– Nim –

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