A Bartender, Has to be Tender – A Thank You Note


Below is a little thank you note I wrote after going to Barometer Bar in Zürich, Switzerland. I went there on a quiet Sunday night and had close interactions with Bartender Toby, and a two fellow customers sitting either side of me (Stefan and Stefan).Then I also met some others and spoke with them, but by that stage Alcohol was making me forget a lot more than usual 🤦‍♂️

Thank You Note

A Bartender
Has to be Truly Tender
Not just around a Bar
Where Humans Change
From Sober to Drunk
But Around Humans!
In General!

Thank you Toby!

For Making me Feel like I’m Something..
For Knowing me enough to surprise me a lot…
For Allowing me to be me
For Letting me know it’s home time, the way you knew how to

I just hope I didn’t make you tired!
Tired to be Entertaining ME!

Thank you Stefan!

For getting to know me,
and taking me to safety,
and texting me to meet me..


Is how you make One Feel!

Make one feel Special…
Make one feel They Belong!
Make one feel They are Not Alone!

What Happened Next

I got too drunk!
I got too emotional!
I got too tired!
I got too late to come home!
I got too late to wake up!

I missed the fucking train to Milano, Italy!! 💁‍♂️

So here I am in my hotel in Zürich, when I should have been in Italy 4 hours ago, writing this blog post 🙆‍♂️

Photo Blog – Barometer Bar

Nim –

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